NOVASOL Cottages in Belgium in Erezée

Enjoy the wonders of Erezée when self-catering in Belgium

Erezée is a tranquil holiday destination, surrounded by the breathtaking hills and dense, mystical pine forests of the Belgian Ardennes. Located in the south-western Luxembourg region of Belgium, 10km from the city of Durbuy, the Erezée municipality is a fun place to stay in one of NOVASOL’s many family holiday homes. Belgium is a small country where nearby towns and cities are easily reached either by car, train or on the back of a bike. Stay in Erezée and visit towering castles, a chocolate museum, and the deepest caves in the Ardennes – all from the convenience of your Belgian holiday home.

Explore the centre of Erezée from your Belgian holiday home

The centre of Erezée contains all the essentials for self-catering in Belgium from a delicious bakery to a supermarket and restaurant. Once your family is full up on breakfast croissants, it’s time to explore the town and take in the scenery. The standout attraction in town is the Museum of Chocolaterie Defroidmont which demonstrates the traditional methods chocolatiers of the region use to make our favourite treats. English tours are available at the museum and finish with a taste of the delicious Belgian chocolates at the end.

Biking and hiking in the Ardennes

The Belgian Ardennes is famous for its cycling routes which wind over the hills and through the mountains from village to village. If you are an eager biker self-catering in Belgium, don’t forget to bring your bike with you on holiday; it is not too difficult on the ferry or through the Eurotunnel. From your Belgian cottage in Erezée, set off to nearby Durbuy or La Roche and enjoy the undulating landscape. If you prefer to see nature on foot, there are also plenty of hiking and walking paths nearby; or for skiers and snowboarders, there are 3 pistes open for a few weeks each winter at Baraque de Fraiture, only 15 minutes from Erezée.

Holiday homes in Belgium near Durbuy and the Caves of Hotton

Erezée’s location is fantastic, giving renters easy access to nearby Durbuy and La Roche. The city of Durbuy proudly declares itself to be the smallest city in the world and is only 10km away from your holiday home. Belgium has a number of elegant cities and Durbuy is right up there with its towering castle built in 1731 and its famous Topiary Park which hosts the largest collection of sculptured shrubs in the world. Also close by, holidaymakers can visit the historic Caves of Hotton, a deep cave network discovered in the 1950s. The cave system is over 5km long and 70 meters deep at points with beautiful sculptured stone, untouched by the modern world.

NOVASOL holiday homes in Belgium in Erezée

With a wide range of holiday chalets and cottages in Belgium, NOVASOL has something for every family. Homes in Erezée are spacious and warm, usually with a large garden for playing children and wonderful views over the countryside. Active families should bring their bikes and sporting gear, storing them in their holiday home's garage or covered garden area.