Winter Holidays in Norway

For a proper winter holiday, with snow, ice and everything in between, head to Norway. Located in the north-west of Scandinavia, Norway is one of the most breathtaking and beautiful countries in Europe, with a coastline to match any other in the world. The incredible fjords which dissect the Norwegian mainland’s western coast are fantastic to visit on winter holidays when the charming towns and dramatic landscapes of Norway glisten in the snow. With NOVASOL, launch your next family getaway with holiday homes in Norway and experience all this country has to offer.

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NOVASOL and Norway holiday homes

The story of NOVASOL is intimately entangled with holiday homes in Norway. When set up in 1968, NOVASOL sold just one product to its Danish customers – Norway cottages and holiday rentals. These proved popular and NOVASOL’s success sees us 50 years’ later providing holiday home rentals all over Europe. Because of our emotional connection with the country, we strives to ensure that our Norway holiday homes are the very best they can be.

Warm clothes on winter holidays in Norway

It goes without saying that the Norwegian winter is very cold. If you are looking for mild evenings and sunny weather, this is not the season for you. If, however, you enjoy playing in the snow and wearing colourful woolly jumpers, there are few better places in Europe to rent holiday homes. The further north you go, the colder the Norwegian weather gets, with NOVASOL’s most northerly holiday homes in Europe located in the country’s icy north.

Norwegian cuisine

To keep warm, Norwegians have developed plenty of comforting dishes that should be enjoyed while self-catering. Norway has an obsession with fish, which is unsurprising when you consider its huge coastline and fishing culture. One of the tastiest fish dishes is Lutefisk, a festive dried cod, often served with boiled potatoes, bacon and pea puree. For dessert, try Svele, which are similar to pancakes but with more oomph, lathered in syrups or even cheese. As long as you love hearty food, self-catering in Norway will tick all the boxes.

Norway holiday homes in Bergen

Very much Norway’s second city, Bergen has modern elements but is also very quaint and picturesque. As a major fishing port, and a base for much of Norway’s oil and gas industries, there are always lots of things going on in the city at its numerous attractions. One fabulous thing to visit when renting holiday homes in Norway is Bergen’s Hanseatic wharf, labelled as a World Cultural Heritage site by UNSESCO in 1979. Families will enjoy eating in the city's many delicious restaurants, especially for lovers of fresh seafood which is abundant in the city.

Norway self-catering in Stavanger

Stavanger is the third largest city in in Norway, located down the coast from Bergen in the south of the country. Also made wealthy by oil in recent decades, the city has a number of classy restaurants to complement its art museums and activities. Rent Norway holiday homes here and take in the amazing environment of the Lysefjord on walks and hikes. If you are going on walks in the winter, make sure to bring some special snow shoes, or rent them when you are out there.

Norway holiday homes in Oslo

Oslo is the Norwegian capital, located in the south-east of the country towards the border with Sweden. The city is extremely Scandinavian, with clean streets, modern cityscapes and a burgeoning food scene - making it an excellent place for renting holiday homes in Norway. There are loads of things to see in the Norwegian capital including the impressive Royal Palace and the imposing Akershus fortress. If your family likes a bit of fun education on self-catering holidays, Oslo has you covered with the Viking Museum proving particularly enthralling for youngsters.

Norway self-catering on the fjords

The magnificent Norwegian fjords are one of the biggest draws for tourists. These amazing geological features are renowned all over the world, and even get a mention in Douglas Adam’s Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by the ominous Slartibartfast, a designer of planets who won an award for his work on the Norwegian coast. NOVASOL’s holiday homes in Norway are often located near to the country’s most beautiful fjords such as Sognefjord north of Flåm and the Geirangerfjord which opens onto the sea at Ålesund. The town of Ålesund is extremely romantic with crystal clear canals running through its centre, well worth a visit while self-catering.

Norway holiday homes on the Lofoten Islands

The further you venture up the Norwegian coast towards the Arctic, the more traditional and remote the towns and fishing villages become. On the Lofoten Islands, situated just off the Northern coast of Norway, holiday homes benefit from magnificent views over the towering island mountains which plummet down to the cold Norwegian Sea. NOVASOL’s holiday homes on the islands are usually right on the water, giving families the chance for boating and swimming. On winter holidays, the water is icy cold and glimmers with the reflection of the white mountains that dominate the horizon.

NOVASOL holiday homes in Norway

With over 50 years’ experience providing holiday homes in Norway, there is nobody who knows the winding fjords and rugged islands of this beautiful nation better than NOVASOL. When hand-selecting Norway holiday homes to add to our 2,000 cottages, villas and apartments in the country, our teams in Norway look for quality and reliability. By agreeing exclusive lowest-price contracts with our home owners, we are also able to ensure that our holiday homes cannot be rented for cheaper anywhere else. So, try a holiday in Norway this winter, and discover the natural wonders of western Scandinavia