Island Holidays in Europe

Dreaming of an island vacation, but don't know where to go? Fortunately, you don't have to travel far away to unwind on lovely beaches and in charming port cities. Europe offers a wonderful and diverse island world, from beautiful Scandinavia to the sunny south. Maybe you are already a fan of a popular island, or you are looking for new insider tips? No matter which category you fall into, find your summer island vacation in a holiday home and soon be stranded in a villa on Krk, a beach house on Bornholm, or a wellness oasis on Rügen. Get inspired by our favorite destinations for your next island vacation here.

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Holiday Homes on Sicily


Island Holidays in Denmark

Denmark is a country rich in islands waiting to be discovered by you. Whether small or large, busy or uninhabited, the North Sea or Baltic Sea - with more than 1400 Danish islands, you can find it all. From Bornholm in the east to Fanø in the west and from Læsø in the north to Als in the south. Each of these gems has its charm, but they all have in common that they guarantee great cultural, scenic, and gastronomic experiences.

Which place do you dream of for your next island vacation in Denmark?

Island vacation in Germany

Not only Denmark convinces with serene and unique islands in the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Germany can also offer a few gems that are worth exploring on your next vacation! The Baltic Sea shines with vacation islands like Rügen, Usedom, or Fehmarn. Here you can not only enjoy your stay in a vacation accommodation, or one of our vacation parks with all its advantages, but also experience picturesque nature. Stroll through the inviting seaside resorts, cycle along the coastal paths, laze on the beach, or get active with various water sports!

Island vacation in Croatia

Croatia is a true Eldorado for those who dream of an island vacation because with more than 1,200 islands off the Croatian coast, there is always a new island to head for. Among the many islands are both small, pristine natural paradises and larger islands with everything you need for a great vacation. Among the most popular islands are Pag, Krk, Brač, and Hvar. Explore the vacation homes on the Croatian islands for yourself and look forward to a vacation by the crystal-clear sea, with good food and with trips to the many historic and charming towns.

Island vacation in Sweden

The Swedish mainland already impresses with great natural landscapes, but the many Swedish islands and archipelagos score additional points with endless coastlines and an idyll like out of an Astrid Lindgren book!

If you want to go on a Swedish island vacation, we can recommend the two islands Gotland and Öland. Gotland is not only the largest island in Sweden, but a true summer paradise due to its cozy atmosphere, breathtaking scenery, and exciting sights. Öland treats you with many hours of sunshine and invites you to explore a landscape with interesting contrasts between sandy beaches and lush forests.

Discover Europe's diverse island world with NOVASOL

Enjoy our large selection of vacation homes and apartments on Europe’s beautiful islands in the south! Here are some of our Mediterranean gems where you can enjoy a secluded island vacation:

1. Spain

The Balearic Islands are not a popular destination for our guests without reason. Whether you look for pristine bays on Menorca or the classic Majorca getaway, there's something for everyone here. If you want to go the distance, we recommend spending your island holiday on the beautiful Canary Islands.

2. Italy

Sardinia and Sicily are Italian vacation paradises par excellence! On Sicily, you will find great historical relics like amphitheaters, the volcano Etna and lots of dreamy beaches. There are many beaches on Sardinia as well, giving you the perfect setting to fully immerse yourself in the island life. Or, if you want to go even smaller, islands like Elba or Ischia are excellent choices for your next Italian adventure!

3. France

France can also join in the contest for the most beautiful vacation island with Corsica. This multifaceted island offers dreamy bays, bright white sandy beaches, a rich offer for active vacationers, and many cultural treasures. Rent a vacation home in Corsica to experience this unique island!

4. Greece

If you choose a rental home vacation on one of the Greek islands, the large popular beaches on islands like Kos or Crete make for happy days of swimming with all kinds of activities. You can also drive around the islands and find a quiet cove where you can settle down and have a little more privacy.

5. Cyprus

If you don't know Cyprus yet, why not visit the third largest island in the Mediterranean for your next island vacation. Cyprus is just as interesting for adventure seekers as it is for those looking for peace. Here you will find historical charm, beautiful beaches and many vacation experiences of a very special kind.

Island vacation with a private pool

Is there anything more beautiful than having the free choice between fantastic beaches and your own pool? This could be possible for you if you choose a vacation home with a private pool on an island vacation. Especially in the summer months when the popular beaches are flooded with tourists. Then just enjoy the refreshing splash of your own pool oasis!

In our large selection of holiday homes, you can find vacation apartments with access to a shared pool, many of which can be found on our many Island locations. Here, children and adults alike can enjoy themselves, and perhaps your children will find playmates to play with during their vacation.