Villa Holidays by the Beach in Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is one of the best kept secrets in the Mediterranean. Located in the south-eastern corner of the Mediterranean, below the southern coast of Turkey, this island is home to great food, culture and weather. Villa holidays in Cyprus are hot, no matter what time of year you go, and the people are always extremely welcoming. Only slightly larger than Crete in size, you are never too far from the beach when renting a villa in Cyprus, nor the seaside tavernas that populate every fishing town and village.

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Best beaches for villa holidays in Cyprus

Cyprus villa holidays are ideal for beach-lovers looking for warm weather and plenty of sun all-year-round. The island has some of the region’s finest beaches along stretches of quiet and relatively untouched coastline. One of the best beaches to visit from Cyprus villas is Coral Bay, just up the coast from Paphos. This beach is neatly arranged with plenty of umbrellas and places to eat right next to the sand. Another fabulous beach to keep on your horizon is Episkopi Beach to the east of Limassol, known for its choppier waters which are excellent for surfing and water sports.

Cyprus villas in Limassol

Limassol, located in southern Cyprus, is the second largest city on the island and is sure to keep both beachgoers and history-enthusiasts happy. The city has a number of excellent nearby beaches such as the Governer's Beach which is within easy reach of holiday lettings. Cyprus is full of history and nowhere more so than Limassol which is sandwiched between the archaeological sites of Kourion and Amathus. In central Limassol, there are plenty of shops and activities to keep you entertained as well as bars and restaurants for the evening.

Kourion – beachside archaeology on villa holidays in Cyprus

The ruins of the ancient city state of Kourion are worth a visit on any Cyprus villa holiday. Among the ancient wonders of this ruined city can be found the Greco-Roman theatre and the Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates, both incredible remnants of the ancient world. The current town of Kourion is now busy with tourists and locals who enjoy the relaxed pace of life that is common in this corner of Cyprus. Holiday lettings in this area are well connected to both Limassol in the east and Paphos in the west, making this a sort-after destination for self-catering.

Paphos villas

For seaside holidays in Cyprus, villas in Paphos are a crowd pleaser that is sure to keep the whole party happy. This wonderful city, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is overflowing with culture, history, and beachside fun. It’s difficult to know where to start when seeing the sites in Paphos. The castle which dominates the centre is always worth a visit and the harbour, lined with tavernas and fishing boats, it’s extremely picturesque. Venture out of the city to find Aphrodite’s Rock, where she famously emerged from the waves – a fun trip from your Cypriot villa. In terms of beaches, Coral Bay is the popular choice, but for a quieter, more atmospheric beach, head north to Agios Georgio.

Charming Latchi

Cyprus villa holidays by the sea are not complete without a few visits to some of the islands most enchanting fishing villages. One such village is Latchi in the north-western corner of Cyprus. Self-catering in western Cyprus, Latchi is not far in the car and is well worth the trip for lunch to enjoy the many tavernas that line the harbour area. For an authentic Cypriot experience on your next villa holiday, give Latchi a try.

Mezes on Cyprus villa holidays

The food of Cyprus is enjoyed by millions across the world, particularly the famous mezes which are a speciality of Cypriot cuisine. Expect have many courses at a traditional Cypriot restaurant. First comes the hummus and tarama, then the tzatziki and dolmades, then the halloumi and feta and all manner of other cheeses. And then the mains and deserts and digestifs! However large your family is, you are guaranteed to be stuffed by the end of this ritual and will likely need doggy bags to take left-over food back to your villa. Cyprus is a great place for al fresco dining, so you can always put those left-overs to good use the next night. This tactic helps to make already cheap family holidays even cheaper.

Water sports

The Mediterranean water is notoriously calm and relaxing, and this is the case for much of the Cypriot coast. These conditions are great for playing in the sea with youngsters and for gentle water sports on Cyprus villa holidays. However, for more extreme water sports such a kite-surfing, you need the waves and wind to be a bit stronger, and there are a few spots where this is the case in Cyrpus. Villas near Limassol and Kourion are close by to Episkopi Beach, which is one of the best places for surfing on the island.

Wonderful weather – baking hot holiday villas

Cypriot weather is amazing, especially on the coast in the island’s fishing villages and on the many beaches. Average temperatures in Cyprus are 24 degrees with a warm season which lasts for around eight months! Holiday villas in Cyprus also benefit from one of the warmest winters in the Mediterranean with average temperatures in December around 18 degrees. Self-catering in Europe, it’s hard to beat Cyprus when it comes to the reliability of good weather.

NOVASOL Cyprus villas for family holidays

For lovers of self-catering, NOVASOL has a number of great villas in Cyprus. Most of NOVASOL’s accommodation is on the west coast of the island, near Paphos and lovely Latchi. Meticulously hand-selected to ensure quality, NOVASOL’s range of Cyprus villas are ideal for families looking for a relaxing getaway full of food and beachside activities. Make sure to bring plenty of sun cream – even if you are arriving in November!