14-day free cancellation

Make your dream holiday come true - book your holiday home without worries!

With 14-day free cancellation you can plan your next holiday with peace of mind. If you change your plans, you can cancel your holiday up to 14 days before arrival.

This offer applies on a large selection of holiday homes from the sun-rich Mediterranean, to cosy Scandinavia and holiday homes in Germany.

Scroll down to learn more and to be inspired for your next holiday.

Holiday homes with cancellation policy in France

14 day free cancellation on lots of holiday homes

Take advantage of this unique offer until 23 June 2024. When you book a holiday home with arrival up until 7 July 2024, you have the freedom to cancel your stay up to 14 days before arrival.

The offer is valid on a large selection of holiday homes in Germany as well as selected destinations in Scandinavia and Southern Europe. Look for properties that display the '14 day free cancellation' banner.

  • The offer is valid on selected properties displaying the '14 day free cancellation' banner.

  • The offer is valid for bookings made no later than 23 June 2024 with arrival no later than 7 July 2024.

  • Any cancellation of a booking made with this special offer should be made via the 'MyBooking' page.

  • Bookings made later than 7 July 2024 will be handled in accordance with the Rental Terms.

  • Any cancellation after the expiry of the 14-day deadline will be handled in accordance with the Rental Terms.

9 dreamy destinations are waiting for you

Don't hesitate, explore the destinations and holiday homes that are part of our 14 day free cancellation offer:

Make new memories in Germany

Germany is a country that inspires. You can experience its scenic, cultural and culinary diversity from your holiday home, or apartment, in popular holiday destinations such as the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the Harz Mountains or even Bavaria.

If you are looking for accommodation with a prime location, plus the added benefit of its own wellness centre, or child friendly leisure facilities, then one of our holiday parks in Germany is the perfect fit for you and your family.

A sweet, Swedish escape

More than half of Sweden is covered by forests, offering you the perfect canvas for a relaxing Swedish escape. Visit Småland to wander among lush forests, or wild swimming in glittering lakes. Head to the West coast to jump into the crisp ocean with its sun-warmed cliffs. If you prefer island life, don’t miss Gotland, where you’ll be treated to a unique experience.

Epic nature experiences and bustling towns in Norway

Norway is filled to the brim with phenomenal nature experiences. Spend lazy days on the warm skerries outside of Kristiansand in the south, or watch the northern lights dance over the sky in Lofoten in the north. You can also head out on stunning mountain hikes in Sunnmøre in the west or ski in the powdery snow in Trysil in the east. A perfect year round destination.

Denmark - a small country with big experiences

Denmark may be a small country, but it is overflowing with big experiences and adventures. Anywhere from Skagen to Gedser or from Blåvand to Bornholm, here you will find wide sandy beaches, rugged nature,quaint villages, and much, much more.

Dutch delicacies and charming canals in the Netherlands

The Netherlands with its impressive historical towns, charming culture and of course delicious cheeses can be experienced whilst staying in one of our holiday homes. The infinite landscapes of this famous flat country and the close proximity to water - whether the North Sea, the IJsselmeer or the small canals that run alongside your holiday home - work wonders for both body and mind!

Idyllic vineyards and moules frites in France

With its charming villages, award-winning vineyards, rolling hills, and sparkling Cote d'Azur region, France has something for everyone. Here you can book a holiday home with a swimming pool, terrace, or large garden to fully immerse yourself in an authentic French experience and discover all that this country has to offer.

Crystal-clear seas and medieval villages in Croatia

Croatia is the perfect holiday retreat if you love to combine lazy days on a secluded beach with enriching cultural experiences, tasty cuisine and adventures in beautiful nature.

Sun, sangria, and tapas in Spain

Spain is one of our most popular destinations - and it's easy to understand why! The Spanish regions offer a wide range of experiences, whether it's beach days on Mallorca to feasting on tasty tapas in Catalonia! Find your perfect finca with flexible booking and have your dream holiday your way.

Discover relaxation and the art of doing nothing in Italy

Discover the sweetness of doing nothing, or 'il dolce far niente', in one of our properties in Italy. With one of our holiday homes in Italy, you can experience the green hills of Tuscany, charming fishing-villages on the Amalfi coast, or beautiful beaches in Sicily – holiday memories to cherish forever!