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MariborThis area could be called the Slovenian part of the former province of Steiermark and the areas north of the Sava River. It covers areas Savinjska and Podravska. The city in the region is Maribor. The city and its surroundings, the valley of the river Drava and Kozjak, are indeed a fascinating area. Maribor is the second largest Slovenian city and is also the center of the region. The place lies between the vineyards and the forested slopes of the Pohorje mountains. Particularly the city's co-existence and winemaking symbolizes the more than four centuries old Strawberry variety that grows in the Lent district on the left bank of the Drava River. It is believed to be the oldest living wine in the world. Maribor is also the second university center of Slovenia. In winter, on the slopes of Pohorje, the Golden Fox (Women's Ski World Cup) takes place, so you have probably had the chance to see the beauty and the interestingness of these ski slopes through the small screens if you have not skied in this part of Slovenia.

Haloze and PtujThe hilly area of ​​Haloze is a fertile wine-growing region in Slovenia, and the best-known grape varieties that give top quality wines are rice risling and rice riesling. The town of Ptuj rises above the banks of the river Drava, and was a military fort in the Roman times, and is considered one of the oldest cities in Slovenia. The main feature of the place is the medieval castle in the center of town. Ptuj is extremely interesting during the carnival called here "censorship".

That's why this is the favorite destination of all those who like to spend their holidays in the open, in action, and return to it with richer experience and freshness. Book your holiday home or holiday apartment and enjoy Slovenia.

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