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Holiday homes in Klintehamn - holiday rentals in Sweden

Klintehamn is located in the western Gotland and is ideal for holidays by the sea. A holiday home in Klintehamn is the perfect starting point to discover the diverse west coast of GotlandThere are several beautiful beaches in this part of the island, and Tofta, one of Gotland's most popular beaches, is within easy reach. Build sandcastles, float on the waves or just soak up some of the sun's rays. Several beaches are shallow and child friendly, making it particularly attractive for families to rent a holiday home on Gotland when choose holiday rentals in Sweden. 

Gotland is on the doorstep of your holiday rentals in Sweden
If you rent a holiday home in Klintehamn, you have the choice of a number of activities and attractions. Among other things, you are close to picturesque places and nature reserves such as the coast of Eksta, the beach of Djupvik or Lake Paviken. Take a boat out from the harbour to the picturesque islands of Stora Karlsö and Lilla Karlsö, or climb the Klinteberget, where you can admire rare plants and enjoy the great views. Sit down for coffee and cake in one of the cosy cafés of Klintehamn or enjoy a meal of the delicious Swedish cuisine in a restaurant. With a holiday home in Klintehamn you can spend a relaxing holiday with the whole family. 

The bird island 
From the picturesque harbour in Klintehamn you can catch a ferry to Stora Karlsö, the big Karlsinsel. This 2.5 square kilometre island off the west coast of Gotland can be visited daily during the summer season from May to September. The island is known mainly for its wealth of birds and plants of various kinds. Stora Karlsö is one of the oldest protected areas in the world, including Yosemite National Park in the United States. Here, among other things, large colonies of guillemots and razorbills breed, and in the spring a breathtaking wealth of orchids blooms all over the island. On Stora Karlsö there are also traces of bygone times in a density like no other on Gotland. The first finds date back to the Stone Age, about 9,000 years ago. Many of these finds come from the grotto Stora Förvar on the north side of the island, which we would high recommend visiting during your stya in one of our holiday rentals in Sweden. Also from the Bronze Age there are numerous remains. Imposing stone settlements over 3,000 years old, including the rocky hill Röjsu at the highest point of the island. The stone grave lies in the shade of an ash, which was already described by Carl Linné in 1741 and is therefore called Linnaeus. Also from later times, numerous traces, graves and ruins can be found on Stora Karlsö.


Visit this fantastic island, which is easily accessible from your holiday home in Klintehamn. Get on board and leave Gotland behind for an unforgettable trip. On Stora Karlsö, accompanied by a local guide, you can explore the countryside and learn many interesting things about the island's nature and history.