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Holiday accommodation in Sweden - Åminne - Gotland

Holiday homes in Åminne - exciting holidays for the whole family! 

Åminne is located about 10 kilometers south of Slite in eastern Gotland and is known for its wonderful family-friendly beach. A our hand-picked holiday accommodation in Sweden in Åminne is ideal for families who want to spend long, relaxing days at the beach and at the same time want to have the sights of Gotland nearby. 

Åminne - made for families

The sandy beach of Åminne has shallow waters and offers plenty of space for sun worshippers. Play with the sand between your toes and feel the sun on your skin - and if it gets too hot, you can always jump into the Baltic Sea to cool down. The beach offers a restaurant serving Swedish cuisine, café and a small grocery store - so you will not have to go hungry if you forget your packed lunch back at your holiday home. There is also a swimming pool, which is especially popular with fresher water temperatures. With a holiday home in Åminne, the entire family can enjoy wonderful beach holidays together.

Discover Gotland from your holiday accommodation in Sweden

Rent a holiday home on Gotland and you can take exciting trips and enjoy activities for both young and old. in Åminne you have everything close by; the pretty town of Slite, where the famous market takes place every year, is just fifteen minutes drive away, and a little further north is Fårösund, from where the ferry takes you to the island of Fårö. You can also visit Visby, the main town of the island with its many attractions such as the medieval city wall.

A little way south of Åminne is the village of Gothem. Here you will find one of Gotland's greatest stone men from the Bronze Age, about 4 meters high, an impressive testimony of bygone times. There are tombs of the same period around the pile of stones and the whole complex is set on a small hill surrounded by the limestone cliffs, from which the stone was extracted for the graves and the stone man - definitely well-worth seeing as a day trip from your holiday accommodation in Sweden!

The medieval church of Gothem is also worth a visit. The Gothic building dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries and has remained virtually unchanged since then. The interior of the church is characterised by ornate frescoes, which came to light in a restoration in the 50s and were carefully exposed. Right next to the church stands the ruins of a 12th-century fortified tower, which served as a refuge for the parish in times of war or other dangers, playing a vital role in the local Swedish history. The tower and the martial nature of some of the frescoes testify to the many violent clashes that the island of Gotland faced during its history.

The famous ship setting of Tjelvar's grave is only a few minutes away from the centre of Åminne. The stone grave is one of the best preserved and oldest such graves on Gotland. Legend has it that Tjelvar, the first inhabitant of the island, is buried here. The tomb is dated to the late Bronze Age, between 1000 and 500 BC. Around the 18 meter long stone ship are several other prehistoric remains, tombs and stone settings. Rent holiday accommodation in Sweden in Åminne with NOVASOL and discover the legacies of the first people on the mythical island of Gotland.

Take a trip to Norrlanda Fornstuga Open Air Museum and see what life was like for a Gotland family in the 18th century. The farm consists of a residential building and several outbuildings where tools and equipment from this period are exhibited. Have a picnic, stroll through the idyllic green surroundings of the farm and enjoy peace in this picturesque part of Gotland.

The beautiful nature around Åminne is best discovered by taking a walk along the coast. Here lies the beach area of Gothemhammar, an elongated stone beach, which remains very quiet even in high season and so is the perfect place to escape during your stay in your chosen holiday accommodation in SwedenBetween the stones on the beach, numerous fossils are hidden, and attentive observers can discover traces of bygone times along the coast. A little further south and inland begins the nature reserve of Storsund, a flat, humid landscape around the lake of the same name. Many species of animals and birds live here, and you can either look out for life from the observation tower or walk through the marshland on the wooden bridges built for hikers and admire the wild vegetation. From Storsund the road will take you to Gothem.

Holidays in Åminne 
NOVASOL is the largest holiday home agency in Europe and has been renting high quality holiday accommodation in Sweden since 1968. We have a wide range of holiday homes on Gotland, including beautiful Åminne. Rent your holiday home in Åminne directly on our website, or call our customer service, so that we can advise you personally. We wish you every success in your search for your dream home and a wonderful holiday on Gotland!