Sweden holiday rentals in Sölvesborg

Cottages in Sölvesborg - Sweden holiday rentals 

Holidays by the sea in southwest Blekinge

When you choose to rent a cottage in Sweden holiday rentals in Sölvesborg you will experience Blekinge's smallest town consisting of a peninsula with several cosy fishing villages, including the lovely Djupekås, Hällevik and Hörvik, where several of NOVASOL's cottages in Sölvesborg are predominantly located. Browse our full portfolio of Sweden holiday rentals online today and find your next cabin in Sölvesborg and surroundings!

Holidays by the sea in Sölvesborg - Sweden holiday rentals

From the Middle Ages to the Swedish summer city

Sölvesborg is a small town in Blekinge with roots that date back to the Middle Ages. The city is located in the southwest of Blekinge and is the fourth largest city in the county. If you have decided to spend your next holiday in one of our Sweden holiday rentals in Sölvesborg, then you will find a wider range of properties to choose from. We also offer cottages on the famous island of Hanö, a popular summer time destination with everything you need for a wonderful holiday. 

In early June each year, the Swedish Rock Festival is held in the village of Norje, just outside Sölvesborg. A little farther away from the village Norje lies Pukavik, the so-called 'Devil's Bay'. Here in the past, it is said that executions took place.

Enjoy the outdoors from your Sweden holiday rentals

The city offers beautiful houses and charming winding streets which one can wander through. It is easy to cycle here whilst self-catering Sweden and on to Listerlandet where you can enjoy the changing landscape of the forest, the stunning views and the charming fishing villages with their beautiful white sandy beaches. There are plenty of long, sandy beaches for you to enjoy during your holiday.

If you are planning to spend your next holiday in one of our range of 'pet-friendly' Sweden holiday rentals with your beloved dog, then there are two swimming areas that are specifically designated for dogs and their owners. One is south of Strandvallen, which is home to a famous football arena, and the second is located in Tredenborg.

For those who intend to rent a cottage in Blekinge, we recommend a visit to the Sölvesborg region's most popular natural area - Ryssberget, which offers recreation in beautiful and tranquil nature and gives a sense of timelessness. At the foot of the mountain you will find several small towns that overlook Vesanslätten. The whole area around Ryssberget is filled with stories and legends.

Sölvesborg - ideal for the keen fisherman

If you have decided to spend your holiday in one of our range of Sweden holiday rentals in Sölvesborg and would like to fish, there are numerous fishing villages which dot the coast. Some of our favourites are Västra Näs, Hällevik, Norgesund and Hörvik to name a few.

We currently have cabins to rent in Blekinge close to almost all the most charming fishing villages. On our website, you will find a lot of useful information that will help you determine if this is the right fishing cabin for you. For example, how far it is to the nearest fishing opportunity, what kind of fishing is available here, whether a boat is included and so on. We are proud to present you with a wide range of great Sweden holiday rentals to suit your every need in areas across Blekinge and Sweden generally. 

Holiday rental in Sölvesborg and surrounding areas

At NOVASOL we have been providing holiday rentals since 1968 and today we can offer cabins for rent in Blekinge, Sölvesborg and surroundings. You can search and book your accommodation directly on the website or by calling us. We will be happy to help you find the holiday home or apartment that is right for you. We are proud to be known as 'Europe's largest provider of professionally managed holiday rentals', and so are confident that within our extensive portfolio lies the perfect holiday home for you.