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Island in the Sun

Kos is a Greek island belonging to the Dodecanese archipelago. This group of islands is located in the southern part of the Aegean Sea. The island itself lies quite close to the coast of Turkey, thanks to which high temperatures persist on the island. Therefore, holiday homes on Kos are an ideal option for people who are tired of rain and cold on the continent. Thanks to NOVASOL, they will be able to relax on one of the many sandy beaches and swim in the blue sea. On the island of Kos there are also mountains that will be a great destination for walks and bicycle trips. In the northern part there is an extensive database of water sports such as surfing and windsurfing. Around the entire island there are many places prepared for diving, but also for fishing. No one will be bored on Kos's bedside, and our accommodation will make your stay pleasant.

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Island Monuments

Kos has a fairly turbulent history. It was conquered several times and transferred between states. The island of Kos was ruled by Greeks, Romans, Turks, Venetians and even Germans. It was not until 1947 that she was returned to Greece. Thanks to this holiday on the Greek islands, it is a great opportunity to get to know what traces of past cultures left behind. It is also an opportunity to get to know the place where Hippocrates - the father of modern medicine - was born and operated. The most interesting monuments of the island include:

  • Asklepeyon is the ruin of the temple of Asclepius (god of medicine). This powerful object located on a hill consists of three floors (terraced floors). At the highest level was the magnificent Dorian temple, which was placed in homage to God. To this day, high Doric columns have been preserved. At this point he had his school Hippocrates.
  • Kos - the capital of the island above which is dominated by the Knights of the Knights of the 16th century. The city also has Casa Romana (a Roman villa with magnificent mosaics) and two mosques from the 18th century: Defterdar and Pasha Hassan. In Kos you will also find numerous historic squares and streets and traces of ancient temples erected in honor of Athens or Hercules.
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Around Kos

Holidays in Greece is a good opportunity to embark on a sea adventure. On the island you will find a lot of interesting cruises with small and larger units. You can choose a few-hour cruise around Kos and smaller capepas without stops, during which you will have the opportunity to see amazing views and landscapes. You can also take a cruise with a destination port on an island. The most interesting surrounding islands include:

  • Island of Symi - a small island with a charming maist on the hillside. On this island once was the center of fishing sponges.
  • Rhodes - one of the largest Greek islands with lots of monuments and attractions.
  • Nissyros - an island with one of the largest active hydrothermal craters.
  • It is also worth visiting Turkey. The large historic city of Bodrum is less than an hour's drive from the coast of Kos.

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