Epirus - Villas and holiday apartments

Epirus is a historical and geographical region, divided between Albania and Greece. In ancient times, Epirus covered the entire western coast of Greece, north of the Corinthian Gulf, including the southern part of today's Albania. It is located exactly between the Pindos and Ionian Mountains and offers beautiful mountain scenery that will leave you breathless. The whole region of Epirus is marked by mountains, rivers, valleys, so here you can experience a real active holiday. This area calls for hiking, planning and staying in nature. The climate is moderate on the coastal side while inland is colder. Epirus is something entirely different from what we are used to when we think about Greece. Epirus gives us a new dimension that is more appealing to its pristine nature and beautiful scenes and invites to active holidays with family and friends. Book a villa, house or apartment from the NOVASOL offer and go to the adventure of exploring and getting to know the unexplored Greek part.

Odmor na Epirusu

Gastronomic Delights

Indispensable Greek yoghurt and mushroom soup, feta cheese, lamb and baked dessert are something you have to try here. Enjoy Greek delicacies to satisfy even the most demanding gourmands. Do not forget to taste the autochthonous wine that is marked by the quality of mountain vineyards. Only Epirus wines carry such a label throughout Greece. Also discover for example Parga easily confused with the typical island paradise with its olive groves and orange trees, long golden sandy beaches and clear blue sea.

Interesting facts

Epirus has over 3,000 religious monuments to visit, and an active holiday is not missing. At Epirus, you can ride, taste in rafting, and the night out here is not missing. The Epirus features are mysterious sandy beaches on the shores of the Ionian Sea. This part of Greece is not only related to tourism in the summer, but the tourist offer lasts throughout the year. Epirus is famous for its cleanest and coldest river in Europe, as well as for the deepest canyon in the world that is recorded in the Guiness Book of Records. If you choose to rest on Epirus, you will not make a mistake because, if you are a nature lover, you will surely be impressed.

Plenty of history

Numerous sights in the area make you interested in history will love our holiday houses in Epirus simply because you can experience METEORA, "Canyon of God" and Vikos, "Europe's Grand Canyon", several impressive stone bridges or why not the ancient oracle of Dodona or Paul Vrelli's Wax Museum in Bizani and much more.

Book your ideal accommodation from NOVASOL offer and enjoy the undiscovered nature of Greece!