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Villas in Istria in verdant Lovran

Joined to Opatija via the Lungomare promenade is the charming town of Lovran, linked by the passage way back in 1911. The town’s name comes from ‘Lovran Lovor’, which can be translated into laurel; it is in the forests that laurel still grows in large numbers. You may even discover laurel in the gardens of your very own holiday homes! Laurel adorns the coat of arms of the town and is an important export for the area. The mild climate of Lovran is ideal for evergreen vegetation; the average temperature in January is 5.8 ° C and in July 23.3 ° C. The town enjoys 2,280 hours of sunshine annually, which can be perfectly enjoyed from the comfort of your private family villas in Croatia.

Explore beautiful Lovran from your villas in Istria

Lovran is one of the oldest settlements on the Opatija Riviera; in fact, its foundation dates back to the 7th Century! The town was fortified in the Middle Ages and then served as a ship building destination during this period. Now, it is a popular destination for day trippers staying in local villas in Croatia; we recommend that you take a tour through the narrow streets of the medieval centre and soak up the charming atmosphere. Book your holiday from June to September and enjoy one of the traditional fishing days, where locals gather to celebrate.

An historical marvel – learning about Lovran

In the 19th century Lovran developed one of the most popular health resorts in the region, next to Opatija. This was complimented by the construction of a road to Opatija in 1885, which was also home to several of the numerous homes and family villas in Croatia. Shortly after, in 1911, a tram from the railway station in Matulji and a beach promenade was constructed, and so begun the ascent of the humble fishing village into a top tourist spot for villas in Croatia. Today, Lovran has almost four thousand inhabitants, who benefit from both the fishing and tourism industry in the area.

The Lungomare promenade and local delicacies

The Lungomare leads from Lovran with the numerous historic mansions over to Ika, which was an important shipyard up until the mid-19th Century. Today, Lovran and Ika, are home to several food festivals, such as the chestnut festival, which takes place in June, and the Cherry Days, which are held in October. One of the many advantages of self-catering Croatia, is the opportunity to stock up and sample such local cuisine. You also have the flexibility to enjoy areas such as the picturesque resort of Ièiæi. The marina here is a common meeting place for prominent business figures and politicians, so keep your eyes peeled on your self-catering Croatia holiday!