Winter Holidays in Europe

The winter time is one of the most romantic and action-packed times of the year for self-catering holidays in Europe. The snow and the festivities in northern Europe bring great opportunities for active travellers whereas the mild weather and sunshine of southern European destinations can be very tempting for beach-loving families. Wherever you go, it’s fun to get away from busy world back home and enjoy an alternative, or complementary holiday to your summer getaway.

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Winter holiday homes in Denmark

Founded in Denmark over 50 years ago, NOVASOL has a fantastic range of holiday homes throughout the country. In Denmark, accommodation for rent is ideal for families who want to see as much of the country as possible, which is not too difficult to do due to its small size and good infrastructure – weather permitting. One of Denmark’s biggest draws in this season are its wild, gorgeous beaches which are fun for winter walks and activities. When the conditions are roughest, tourists venture out from their Denmark holiday homes and scout along the magnificent beaches for washed up treasures such as fossils and amber.

Belgium holiday homes in the winter 

A classic winter holiday destination, Belgium offers all the indulgences you are looking for on chilly families holidays abroad. Whether it is delicious Belgian chocolate, strong monastery beer or chunky waffles that you need to get through the cold evenings, don’t hold back on holiday. There are pretty towns and cities across country that are worth visiting while self-catering in Belgium. Chief among these are the favourites Bruges and Ghent, but there are other gems such as the city of Durbuy in Wallonia, purportedly the smallest city in the world, with its cute riverside cafés and winding streets.

Winter holiday homes in in Germany

Germany is a magical destination for winter holidays, particularly in the southern regions of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg which come alive with their picturesque Christmas and winter markets. These southern regions, which include the German Alps in the very south, are home to some of NOVASOL’s finest chalets and holiday homes in Germany. It’s worth getting up early and taking a drive to one of the many amazing castles that perch on the hills of southern Germany. Few things are more enchanting, especially for youngsters, than seeing the snow-capped Neuschwanstein Castle which was the inspiration for Walt Disney’s iconic castle that adorns the Disney logo and dominates the theme parks.

Italy villa holidays in the snow

Winter holidays in Italy differ greatly depending on whether you are staying in the north or the south of the country. In the northern regions of Piedmont, Lombardy and Venetia, expect to find cold weather, Christmas markets and often snow. Italian chalets in these regions are ideal for taking advantage of the ski slopes which begin to open up in December-time in the Italian Alps. On the other hand, as you move down the country towards southern regions of Puglia, Calabria and Sicily, the weather gets warmer and the tone changes. Visitors still enjoy the many winter parades and merriment from the comfort of their villas in Sicily, but without the snow and woolly jumpers.

Winter holiday homes in France

Similarly to Italy, whether you stay in Northern or Southern France over the winter will make a big difference to your family holiday. French country cottages in the Northern regions of Normandy and Brittany are exposed to similar weather to the southern England at this time of year. Renting in these destinations is still popular however, especially Brittany gites and holiday homes which families rent to explore the gorgeous open beaches of the region. In the South of France, temperatures are far more mild at Christmas with Provence villas often bathing in warm sun and temperatures in the teens.

Villas and apartments in Spain

Renting apartments in Spain during the winter period is great for families and couples to escape the cold weather and enjoy some sunshine and sand. Apartments in Marbella, on the southern Spanish Costa del Sol are especially suited for this pursuit as they enjoy warm air currents from nearby Africa. The holiday season here really lasts all-year-round so there are plenty of things to do and most attractions are open as usual despite it being the winter.

Greece and Cyprus

Greece and Cyprus are wonderful destinations for cheap family holidays. With great value even in peak season, holidays in the winter in Greece and Cyprus give families even more bang for their buck, as well as fantastic weather and famous hospitality. Rent villas in Cyprus with NOVASOL and experience the warmest climate in the Mediterranean, with average highs of 18 degrees in December. Or, take your pick from our villas in Greece and explore the amazing ruins with less crowds and more forgiving temperatures.

Winter villas in Portugal

Like Cyrpus, Portugal is blessed with gorgeous weather all-year-round, making warm winter getaways a possibility. The hottest region with the best beaches is the Algarve is southern Portugal, a popular destination for families and golfers who take advantage of the lower prices in the winter months. For culture and atmosphere, rent apartments in Lisbon and get to know one of Europe’s most relaxing and hospitable capitals. The cuisine of Lisbon is perfect for family holidays with fresh seafood at the top of every menu and delicious Pasteis de Nata custard tarts for sale on every street.

NOVASOL winter offerings

With 50,000 holidays across Europe, here at NOVASOL we pride ourselves on the choice we offer our customers for departures throughout the year. With homes in 28 countries, whether you are looking for villas in Spain, apartments in Croatia or accommodation anywhere else in Europe during the winter period, we have you covered. All of our holiday homes are hand-selected and visited by our teams across Europe to make sure they meet the NOVASOL stamp of quality that our families expect.