Portugal Villas with a Pool

Portugal is one of the best destinations in Europe for family villa holidays. This relaxed, tranquil country is home to some of the best scenery on the continent and enjoys wonderful weather all-year-round. When renting Portugal villas, families often opt for villas with a pool – a smart choice in the hot summer months and a big hit with kids. However, just because you have a pool it doesn’t mean you should lounge about all day; Portugal has amazing things to see and fun things to do wherever you are staying.

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Family villa holidays in Portugal

NOVASOL’s holiday homes are ideally suited for family holidays. Nothing beats spending quality time with your loved ones in amazing locations such as the Algarve, Lisbon and Portugal’s other beautiful regions. If you ask families what they want most from villas in Portugal, you will likely find two standout answers – great locations and a pool. That’s why NOVASOL has worked hard to build a fantastic range of Portugal villas with pools, near to the best attractions.

Warm weather with holiday villas in Portugal

Located on the very edge of south-western Europe, Portugal’s climate is slightly different from that of the southern Mediterranean. Villas in Portugal are baked warm weather for much of the year, but are also kept from extreme heat by cooling breezes which come in from the Atlantic. However, temperatures in the summer will still likely reach well over 30 degrees with warm temperatures continuing into the autumn months of September and October. If you are planning to go golfing on your Portugal villa holiday, make sure to bring some shorts and t-shirts as well as normal golfing attire.

Portuguese cuisine

Long in the shadow of its noisy neighbour Spain, Portuguese cuisine is now on a mission to establish itself internationally, and impress the country’s millions of visitors every year. Many fantastic dishes originate from Portugal with highlights including Bacalhau, a delicious salted cod dish; Caldo Verde, a traditional Portuguese soup; and, of course, Pasteis de Nata, Lisbon’s famous custard tarts. Rent a villa in Portugal with NOVASOL and spend a night of alfresco dining by the pool, eating one of these traditional dishes and sipping on gorgeous Portuguese wine.

Pool privacy on villa holidays in Portugal

If your family aims to spend a lot of time in the water on holiday, it is always worth getting a private pool with your villa. Portugal is well known for its rolling countryside and amazing natural vistas, and NOVASOL has a number of holiday homes with fantastic pool views. If you are looking for something slightly less private, you can always head down to the nearest beach to your Portugal villa. Or, if you are a family of thrill seekers, why not head to one of Portugal’s many waterparks which line the coast?

Beachside fun from you Portugal villa

Portugal is home to some of Europe’s best beaches. In the Algarve, Portugal villas have access to Praia de Tavira Beach on the island of Tavira as well as other famous beaches frequented by tourists and locals alike. Elsewhere in Portugal, families enjoy the Atlantic coastline with its rougher waves and more rugged landscapes. These waters are ideal for water sports on family villa holidays, such as kite-surfing, bodyboarding and jet-skiing.

History and Culture on Portugal villa holidays

The Land of Explorers, Portugal is famous in history for its brave pioneers who explored the seas and became the first Europeans to set foot on faraway lands. The Portuguese famously ferried alien foods across the globe, including chilies which they introduced to India in the 15th century. Imagine a curry without chillies! While on villa holidays in Portugal, visitors immerse themselves in this vibrant history, visiting monuments such as Padrão dos Descobrimentos in Belém which celebrates the likes of Vasco de Gama and Ferdinand Magellan.

Apartments in Lisbon

Lisbon deserves its reputation as one of the glorious European cities. The Portuguese capital is similar to other European capitals such as Madrid and Paris, but on a smaller, cuter scale. The pretty, narrow streets are filled with tables and chairs on which locals and tourists enjoy coffees pastries and seafood. Rent apartments in Lisbon with NOVASOL, or rent a Portugal villa nearby to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the city. Lisbon also has some beautiful sandy beaches nearby at Estoril, offering refreshing family fun and a change from the villa pool.

Villas with a pool in the Algarve

The Algarve is one of the most popular destinations for family villa holidays in Portugal – and with good reason. The fantastic weather and beautiful scenery which grace this southern region draw millions of tourists back year after year. Because the weather is so good, consistently over 30 degrees in the summer months, it’s a smart idea to rent a villa with a pool. Nothing beats a refreshing dip in the pool after a day of exploring the Algarve’s fascinating and picturesque towns such as Faro and Sagres.

Why choose NOVASOL?

With a range of fantastic Portugal villas, booking with NOVASOL is a great option for families looking for choice and quality on holiday. Many NOLVASOL villas in Portugal have wonderful private pools, designed with families and the hot weather in mind, close by to the scenery and attraction which you want to enjoy. Self-catering holidays encourage flexibility; sit by your pool in the morning, go out for lunch in the afternoon, and return to the villa for alfresco dining in the evening. All of NOVASOL’s villas in Portugal are selected and visited by our Portugal team, so you can be assured of quality and reliability when booking.