Villas in Italy with a Pool

The land of ‘la dolce vita’, Italy is one of the most gorgeous and charismatic destinations in Europe. Thousands of years of splendid history have created a nation full of pride, and rightly so, for their culture, cuisine, landscapes and much more. Renting villas in Italy with NOVASOL, families can choose from a wide range of villas with a pool, in whichever destination suits them best. Whether it is remote villas in Tuscany of poolside apartments in Sicily that take your fancy, there is plenty to choose from with NOVASOL.

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Private pools on family holidays in Italy

A private swimming pool adds so much value to self-catering holidays. Italy is a fantastic place to rent a villa with a pool, especially in the summer months when the cooling water provides a needed relief from the hot weather. With young children, whole holidays are often spent playing in the pool, creating fond memories and building confidence at an important age.

Flexibility and privacy on villa holidays in Italy

Private pools provide families with the flexibility they need on Italian villa holidays. There is so much of Italy to explore, and so many things to see, do and eat, that it is exceptionally handy to have a pool to use, whenever you want it. No fighting for deck chairs or sharing the busy water – with a private pool you have it all to yourself. This is also useful for families who want plenty of privacy on holiday. Sometimes you just want to enjoy yourself without worrying about being overlooked or making too much noise and disturbing people.

Enjoy Italian cuisine on self-catering holidays

One of the best things about villa holidays in Italy is venturing down to the local town or fishing village each evening in search of delicious food that the whole family will love. It’s hard to beat Italian food, especially for families with young children who love the classic Italian pizza and pasta dishes before trying something more adventurous. With the use of a kitchen and all the facilities that come with self-catering accommodation, it’s even fun to cook for yourselves one night, eating out in the warm air on your villa’s terrace.

Weather on villa holidays in Italy

The hot Italian summer is perfectly suited to pool holidays. After a day of visiting the country’s many fascinating historical sites, whether they be Etruscan, Roman, Renaissance or modern, the whole family will likely need some poolside relaxation. The climate of Italy varies slightly, with villas in Lombardy and northern regions slightly cooler than accommodation in Sicily which enjoys the north-African climate.

Immerse in Italian culture while renting villas in Italy

Italian culture is famous the world over for its vibrancy, leading the world in many of the high-arts such as fashion and opera. The large Italian cities are great for shopping on holiday, particularly Milan with its enormous fashion scene. Why not spend the morning by the pool of you Italian villa, the afternoon shopping and the evening at the Opera – that’s the way do villa holidays. If you are staying in the remote countryside areas of Tuscany or other regions, you can still get into the mood by listening to some Pavarotti while splashing around in the pool.

Villas in Tuscany with a pool

Tuscany is, for many, a vision of Italy. Villas in this region are surrounded by wonderful rolling countryside, overlooked by traditional hilltop villages. Many of NOVASOL’s Tuscany villas are located off the beaten track and have wonderful views from their terraces and large pools. For beach-lovers, Tuscany also has an amazing coastline which stretches all the way from Apuan Alps in the north to the delightful island of Monte Argentario in the south. Rent Tuscany villas by the sea and enjoy the water sports and fresh seafood up and down the coast.

Umbria villas with a pool

A completed landlocked region, Umbria is located in the Italian heartland, full of cute villages and breath-taking natural beauty. Villas in Umbria are ideal for families looking to maximise their relaxation on holiday, staying by the pool and eating out in village tavernas. That does not mean that there is not plenty to do for active families however, who will find their holiday quickly filling up with activities. One must-visit town is historic Assisi, birthplace of St. Francis. The town has an impressive basilica dedicated to the Saint, as well as picturesque cobbled streets with little cafés and restaurants. In the south-east of the region, Monti Sibillini National Park is a fun place to visit for lovers of nature. The park is still a wild place, home to wolves and roaming eagles.

Villas in Sicily with a pool

Sicily has a slightly different flavour to the rest of Italy. Cut off from the mainland by the Strait of Messina, Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and is a mixing pot of cultures. Staying in villas in Sicily, visitors enjoy beautiful beaches and bustling market towns which line the island’s coast. A particularly cute seaside town is Taormina, located to the north of Catania, which has a delightful town square with small family restaurants. When self-catering in southern Italy, it’s important to remember that the weather here is the hottest in Italy, so be prepared for a scorcher!

NOVASOL Italian villas

Villas with a pool are our bread and butter here at NOVASOL. We understand that families want to relax on holiday and enjoy the good weather by having fun in the water. Many of our Italian villas have wonderful, large pools, perfect for family fun. Many are also close to the beach, giving families plenty of options. When families book with NOVASOL they know they can rely on our fantastic service and the high quality of our holiday homes. By checking, in person, all of our apartments and villas in Italy before we offer them for rent, we make sure that families and couples can be confident of a special holiday when booking with us.