Holidays by the Beach in Greece

Holidaying by the sea in Greece, families are guaranteed warm weather, excellent food and incredible hospitality. Due to its geographical position, sticking out into the Mediterranean at the foot of south-eastern Europe, Greece has a wonderfully long and diverse coastline which winds around its mainland and many islands. Stepping off the plane at the start of a Greek holiday, visitors often recall the initial warm blast of air, full of the smell of oregano and seasonal flowers. By renting villas in Greece with NOVASOL, families and couples have the best chance of enjoying the wonders of this country with comfort and ease.

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Beautiful scenery on Greek villa holidays

The landscape of the Greek coast is memorable for its towering mountains descending suddenly down to winding coastlines. This picturesque and dramatic scenery is not just the stuff of postcards, but can be enjoyed all over the country. Rent a Greek villa with NOVASOL and take in the scenery of this wonderful country on walks and hikes on the coastal mountainsides, giving visitors the maximum exposure to gorgeous landscape. The natural environment of Greece is fabulous for walkers, particularly in the spring when the mountain flowers are at their most vibrant.

Warm weather all year round

One thing that is almost guaranteed with villa holidays in Greece is that you will get excellent weather, whichever time of the year you go. If you are thinking of renting a Greek villa at the height of the summer, it’s important to consider the searing hot heat. This is often reduced slightly on the coast by soft cooling breezes from the Mediterranean, but it’s still very important to remember to drink plenty of water and re-apply that sun cream. For a slightly cooler Greek villa holiday, visit in the spring at Easter or during the May half-term when the temperatures are in the 20s.

Wonderful humble food

The family is at the centre of Greek cooking, with everyone helping out to make the familiar dishes and treats you will find on every Greek menu. By the sea, the menu will be dominated by seafood dishes such as grilled sea bass and, of course, calamari. When renting a NOVASOL villa in Greece by the sea, the best plan is to walk or drive down to your local fishing town or village and visit as many family-run tavernas as possible. Sharing mezes are always a fun option for families where choice is always appreciated. If you have some food left over after dinner, take it back to your Greek villa and eat it for lunch tomorrow.

Dive into Greek history on a villa holiday in Greece

Families will love exploring the historical sites of Greece, most of which can be found within a short drive from the sea. Greece is refreshingly unpretentious when it comes to exhibiting its ancient history; it is not uncommon to arrive at a historical site to find just a few tourists clambering over the ruins of an glorious ancient palace. This is do-it-yourself tourism! Greek villa holidays also give families the flexibility to explore Greece’s many large historical sites such as Knossos in Crete. These are busier with tourists so be sure to leave your Greek villa early in the morning to miss the worst of the crowds.

Great beaches to visit on a Greek villa holiday

Self-catering in Greece is a smart way to enjoy the country’s many gorgeous beaches that line the coasts of the mainland and islands. Elia Beach on the island of Mykonos is one of the most famous beaches in Greece for its turquoise blue sea and beautiful golden sand. If you are renting a villa in Crete, the cities of Heraklion, Chania and Lassithi all have plenty of sandy beaches to enjoy. Even when renting an apartment in Athens, you are still within easy reach of some beachside fun at Edem and Kavouri.

Villas on the Greek Islands

When many people think of Greece they picture small white-painted houses with blue tiled roofs. This is the image of the Greek Islands, particularly the Cyclades where tourists flock every year in search of the romance and beauty for which they are so renowned. Among the many Greek Islands, the islands of Naxos, Mykonos and Aegina are particular suitable for families looking for a Greek villa holiday full of fun and relaxation in equal measure. Siting by the pool of your Greek villa, overlooking the Aegean, it’s easy forget the stresses back home and plan your future life of leisure on the Greek Islands.

Self-catering in Crete

Of the Greek islands, Crete is the largest and has some of the best family villas. Crete is a dynamic island, with plenty of variation from its quiet and picturesque southern coast, to its busier and more tourist-centric north. NOVASOL has a range of villas in Crete, with most concentrated around the island’s capital Heraklion. Furthest south of all the Greek Islands, Crete has the biggest exposure to the warm African air which bakes the Greek villas that line the coasts.

Villas in Thessaloniki and northern Greece

Northern Greece’s major hub is Thessaloniki, a vibrant and fun destination full of students, bars and restaurants. Holidaymakers looking to rent Greek villas near the coast will find Thessaloniki to be an exciting place to let their hair down and enjoy the Greek lifestyle. Nearby historical sites include Mount Athos, a secluded monastic region where women are not still not permitted, and Kasta Tomb, thought to be the burial place of Alexander the Great and a must visit on Greek villa holidays.

NOVASOL villas in Greece

NOVASOL holiday homes in Greece are ideal for families looking for a relaxing holiday. Each Greek villa in NOVASOL’s range is hand-selected and checked to ensure quality and reliability for visitors. When renting in Greece, villas on the coast are a great choice for families looking to maximise their intake of food and culture in the south-eastern Mediterranean.