Autumn Holidays

Autumn holidays during half-term have long been the secret weapon of families looking for a more affordable getaway. Not just a cheap substitute for a summer holiday however, the half-term holiday also has some marvellous perks that make it even better than going away in the busy summer months. Cooler weather, less crowds, more authentic experiences – these are just a few of the reasons to book a holiday home with NOVASOL for the autumn half term. With changes in school holiday times meaning that more children now have a two-week Autumn half-term, the period is now even more flexible for bookings.

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Cheap family autumn holidays

One of the biggest reasons for enjoying the autumn holidays in the  half-term has to be that it is often cheaper than any other school holiday period of the year, bar the February half-term. Villas in Croatia that cost over a thousand pounds a week in the summer can often be rented in the autumn half-term for half the price. This enables families on a budget to enjoy a wonderful villa and location which they would otherwise not be able to afford. Also, it means more spending money when you are out there for food, wine and activities.


Canal in Hindeloopen during autumn holidays in Friesland, The Netherlands

Quieter holidays in Europe

Another bonus of family in the autumn holidays is that the sites and attractions are far less busy with tourists. Go to any of the major tourist destinations in peak-season such as Rome, Nice, or the Costa del Sol, and you will find hordes of families all trying to get in their summer holidays. However, in the autumn, these locations are far more relaxed and so you won’t be queuing for restaurants or fighting for space on the beach. It also means that historical sites and general holiday wandering are far more authentic, allowing you to get a feel for destinations as they really are rather than just their tourist façade.

explore bulgaria with NOVASOL for a great autumn holiday


Villas in Greece and Cyprus in the Autumn

Two of the very best European destinations for autumn holidays are Greece and Cyprus. Villas here, in the warm south-eastern Mediterranean, enjoy fantastic weather at this time, while its rainy and cold back home. The average temperature in October in Cyprus is 25 degrees – that’s plenty warm enough for a beach and pool escape. The famed hospitality of the Greeks and the Cypriots also means that you will be well catered for even though it is not peak season, with most restaurants and bars still open for visitors.


autumn holidays in cyprus

Spain apartments and villas for the autumn holidays

Spain is a fabled destination among Brits who travel there all-year-round for its sunshine and culture. The most popular destinations in Spain during the autumn half-term, similarly to during the summer months, are on the coasts in cities such as Barcelona and southern resorts like Marbella. Apartments in these destinations are more affordable in the autumn and still experience warm weather and sunshine. If you are looking for the best value for money, move away from the coast and into the countryside and see how luxurious a villa you can get for your budget.

Enjoy the attractions of Italy

Italy is possibly Europe’s finest destination for historical sites and cultural attractions. Visit during the half-term and see these wonders in their full glory – free from the long queues and frantic atmosphere of the summer. NOVASOL has a great range of apartments in Rome if you are visiting the Eternal City, and has villas in Italy all over the country if you are staying elsewhere. Whichever destination you are visiting, make sure you make the most of seasonal autumn specialities on restaurant menus such as mushroom risotto or roast rabbit.

Half-term holiday homes in France

France is a fun destination for family holidays all-year-round. In the south, in cities such as Nice and Marseilles, the weather is still mild at this time of the year and the sun is often warm enough for family beach days and dips in the pool of French villas. In the north, which is starting to feel autumnal by this time of the year, there is plenty to do for active families such as biking, kayaking and much more. The big benefit of French holiday homes in Normandy and other northern regions is their close proximity to the UK. It’s just a short drive across the channel and you are there.

Quick trips to Belgium and Holland

Self-catering in Belgium and Holland in the autumn holidays is extremely atmospheric. The weather in this region of Europe is not always terrific in the summer months so it makes little difference to visiting in the autumn. Even better in the autumn are the markets which begin to pop up in towns and villages across Belgium and Holland in the run up for Christmas. These markets will be selling chocolates, local beers and many other treats. Like those in northern France, Belgium and Holland holiday homes are so easy to get to, either on the ferry or the Eurotunnel.

Cheap city breaks

If you don’t fancy a whole week-long holiday in the autumn, why not go on a city break? Whereas some of NOVASOL’s holiday homes are only bookable Saturday to Saturday in peak season, in the autumn half-term you get more flexible arrival and departure days. An apartment in Dubrovnik or a villa in Barcelona are just what the doctor ordered at this time of year. Staying in a city, you will also save money and effort by not having to rent a car.


With 50,000 holiday homes across Europe, NOVASOL has a great range of lettings available whenever you want them. The autumn half-term is the perfect time to enjoy a self-catered holiday home, free of the high prices and hectic atmosphere of a summer getaway. With all of NOVASOL’s family holiday homes hand-selected by teams across Europe, you can be sure of reliability and of the highest quality, whichever time of the year you travel.

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