All-Inclusive holidays in Croatia

NOVASOL’s ‘all-inclusive’ villas have costs included in the rental price, meaning no extra charges when you get there or when you leave. This includes consumption costs, electricity, water, bed linen – you name it, its included. The all-inclusive model works perfectly for villas in Croatia where relaxation is the main priority, and worries about small payments are undesirable. Instead, spend your money on the delights of Croatia villa holidays - the food, nature and history.

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Croatia villas – the all-inclusive kings

NOVASOL has more all-inclusive villas in Croatia than anywhere else in Europe. Almost all of our 11,000 Croatia villas use the all-inclusive model, enabling holidaymakers to focus their energy of the things that really matter. Croatia has so much to offer families, whether you stay in the northern region of Istria, in central Dalmatia, in Dubrovnik or on any of the hundreds on islands. NOVASOL’s villas in Croatia are extremely varied to meet the demands of your family whatever your size and budget.

All-inclusive villas in Istria

Istria, Croatia’s northern coastal region, has been delighting tourists for decades. With so much to see and do in the region, renting an all-inclusive villa with NOVASOL is a guaranteed win for families. Villas in Pula, the largest city in the region, are a fantastic base from which to enjoy the enchanting city and the surrounding area. The city itself is right on the Adriatic and has a number of delightful squares by its harbour, serving all the freshest fish and seafood caught that morning. For an exciting day out, visit one of the many historic caves which dot the region – Cave Baredine being the most famous with its 5 large chambers.

All-Inclusive in villas in Split

Croatia’s second largest city, Split, is a vibrant and exciting place to rent villas in Croatia. Families will love exploring the city’s history which is visible around every bend of its winding central streets and open squares. The star of the show is Diocletian’s Palace, a large complex of Roman structures and walls which is located near to the harbour. The Palace has been labelled a UNSECO World Heritage site and draws visitors from all over the world to Croatia. Villas in the city and nearby are easily reached by car or taxi when flying into Split Airport, ideal for young families who don’t want long car journeys after a tiring flight.

All-Inclusive Zadar apartments

The city of Zadar is another family-friendly destination, 160 kilometres up the coast from Split. NOVASOL has a fabulous range of all-inclusive holiday homes in the area, which take advantage of Zadar’s attractions which include the Roman Forum and the Sun Salutation – a 22m-wide glass sculpture set into the floor which puts on a natural lightshow throughout the day. In this region of Croatia, villas give families the flexibility to enjoy the wonderful beaches nearby such as Saharun beach on the Dugi Otok Island, a short boat ride from Zadar. Go all-inclusive and spend your Kuna on fresh Calamari rather than consumption costs.

All-Inclusive in villas in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is possibly Croatia’s most famous holiday destination. Formerly the city-state of Ragusa, Dubrovnik has a proud history of trading on the Adriatic, rivalling other Mediterranean powers such as the Venetian Republic. The city’s iconic medieval walls and preserved old town centre are well worth a visit on Croatia villa holidays, as are the beaches on the Lokrum and Lopud islands which are a short boat ride from the harbour. Walking around the winding cobbled streets of Dubrovnik, it is impossible to ignore the charm and Medieval beauty of the city, so well preserved that it features as a key location on period dramas and fantasy shows such as Game of Thrones.

All-Inclusive on the Islands

Croatia has thousands of islands and inlets along its incredible coastline. NOVASOL has all-inclusive villas in Croatia on many of these islands from Cres, off the northern coast of Istria, all the way down to the Vis in southern Dalmatia. All-inclusive villa holidays on the Croatian islands are ideal for families who are just looking to relax, enjoy the warm weather and the pristine golden beaches. For all of these pursuits, the islands of Brac, Hvar and Vis, in the Split Archipelago, should be at the top of your list.

Explore Croatia’s national Parks

There is great pride in Croatia for the plethora of national parks which have become symbols for the country and its tourism sector. Of these parks, the Krka national park is one of the most spectacular with its waterfalls and fresh pools open to visitors for bathing. Luckily, the park is only a short drive from Split and Croatia villas in the area. When staying in villas in Istria, the Brijuni National Park is a stone’s throw from Pula harbour and offers natural beauty and history on its 14 small islands.

Cheap family holidays

Family villa holidays in Croatia are some of the most enjoyable and affordable anywhere in the Mediterranean. The weather, food and culture on the Croatian coast is comparable to its neighbour Italy across the Adriatic, but without the pretention, especially out of peak season. With all-inclusive holiday homes available in each of our Croatian destinations, NOVASOL is making it easier than ever to escape to Croatia while keeping control of your budget.

Why choose NOVASOL?

Over the past 50 years, NOVASOL has been offering families the flexibility they need on holiday. Our 50,000 holiday homes, which include over 11,000 Croatia villas, are all selected independently by our European teams and visited before being offered for rent on our website. This helps us to keep the standard of our homes to the highest quality and gives our customers the assurances they need before trying a new destination. NOVASOL also agrees exclusive contracts with home-owners, meaning you can’t find our villas in Croatia cheaper anywhere else.

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