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If you are hoping to discover a unique and fascinating country; filled to the brim with a rich history, heritage and culture as well as a host of well-preserved historical sites - not to mention beautiful beaches - then you need not look any further than self-catering Turkey with NOVASOL for your next self-catering holidays in Europe. We are confident that we can offer you a great choice of properties from which you will be able to select one of our villas to rent in Turkey, which will suit all your needs and serve as the ideal base for exploring and experiencing all that Turkey has to offer.

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The history of the Turkish people spans over 4,000 years and they have been behind some of the most powerful empires of all time; including the Hun Empire and many others. This long, varied and at times bloody history has left behind countless historical sites in Turkey for you to whilst staying in one of our villas to rent in Turkey, as well as many priceless artefacts. One of the highlights has got to be the Istanbul Archaeological Museum - a must see for anyone interested in the history of Turkey and of Europe as a whole.

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The influence of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey is still visible in the Turkish cuisine and culture today. 1299 was the start of the Ottoman Age in Turkey, which went on to last for nearly 700 years until it finally came to an end just after the First World War. Learn more about the Ottomans during your European self-catering holidays in Turkey whilst renting one of our villas in Turkey by visiting one of the many monuments from this period of Turkish history. Arguably the most famous and one of the most beautiful is the Blue Mosque in Istanbul - a truly awe-inspiring sight and one not to be missed during your stay in our Turkey holiday lettings on a day trip to Istanbul.

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When the Ottomans captured Constantinople - which today is modern day Istanbul - it marked the end of the Middle Ages and the start of the so-called 'New Age'. The Empire was very advanced and so advanced Turkey greatly, making the country very powerful and influencing the Turkish culture even today. In its golden age, the Ottomans ruled huge parts of Europe; including Greece, Bulgaria and the Eastern Mediterranean as well the Middle East and even parts of Africa. Learn more about this time of power and prosperity in Turkish history when you choose self-catering Turkey with NOVASOL.

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However, the golden age of the Ottomans began to decline with the start of the Renaissance Period, during which time the rest of Europe began to develop rapidly. The Ottomans simply failed to keep up with the changes, including the Industrial Revolution in Europe. The Empire actually ended at the end of WWI with the signing of the Mondros Armistice in 1918 - which led to the territories of the empire being occupied by other nations. You can also take the opportunity whilst staying in one of our holiday villas in Turkey to learn about the subsequent Turkish National Liberation War.

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Turkey became an officially independent nation in July 1923. The newly formed 'Republic of Turkey' elected its first president just a couple of months later. Mustafa Kemel Ataturk - his surname meaning 'Father of Turks' - introduced many revolutionary and ground-breaking reforms which made Turkey one of the most advanced holiday homes in Europe. Turkish women even enjoyed more rights than many Western women of the 30s and 40s. Self-catering Turkey allows you to discover the country in a new way and learn about all its fascinating periods of history.