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Rent a cabin or cottage in Møre and Romsdal and take the whole family on a lovely holiday in Norway. Romsdal is located in northern Norway, so the temperature rarely reaches 25 degrees, but it is not warm weather and sun that lures visitors to northern Norway. Instead, it is the unique nature that is on offer in this part of Norway and that is waiting for you to discover during your stay in your holiday accommodation in Norway. As you journey through the beautiful landscapes you will encounter large fjords, mountains and endless forests. NOVASOL is proud to offer you a great range of holiday accommodation in Norway including holiday homes and cottages in Romsdal, where you can take the whole family on holiday. We have holiday homes to suit everyone, regardless of price range, you can enjoy a fantastic holiday in Norway, surrounded by beautiful nature.

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Activities and attractions in Molde

On a holiday in our holiday accommodation in Norway you will find that there is a lot to do and experience in and around Romsdal. One of the most popular things to do is to pay a visit to the Romsdal Fjord, where you can go sailing or fishing. The fjord itself is beautiful and definitely worth a visit. Along the fjord there is a beautiful nature trail - the Romsdal Valley Path - where you can walk and admire the scenery - the perfect way to spend a day if you enjoy being active on holidayThe region's largest city is called Molde and we would highly recommend paying a visit during your stay in your holiday accommodation in Norway

The town of Molde is beautiful, especially in spring and summer and offers a variety of both shopping and dining opportunities, so you can sample the Norwegian cuisine. From most of Molde you will also have a beautiful panoramic view of the fjord and the beautiful surroundings. During the summer it is possible to visit various jazz concerts, culture, literature and music festivals. The most popular activities to try on your holiday in Norway are kayaking on the big fjords with a guide, sightseeing in Molde, mountain bike riding through the forests or eco-hopping and experiencing the many small and beautiful islands in the fjord. If you have rented a cottage or holiday home in Romsdal you can also pass by Tresfjord-Vestnes, Tomrefjord, Midsund, Aukra, Bud, Elnesvågen, Eresfjord and Isfjorden. The area is extremely beautiful, especially in spring the valley is wild and colorful with steep mountain slopes and waterfalls that fall hundreds of feet down to the valley below. 

Natural surroundings and active holiday in Romsdal

A holiday in a cottage by Romsdal or in Møre, offers you the chance to stay in the midst of a beautiful and unique nature, wherever you look. Here you can experience endless forests, deep fjords, breathtaking mountains and roaring rivers. Some of the most popular day-trip destinations in Norway are within easy reach. For example, Romsdalsalpene, where you have the opportunity to explore the high mountain peaks, Trollstigen and Trollveggen, both of which are some of Norway's most popular sights. 

In these high mountains there is ample opportunity to climb especially at the top of Trollveggen, where you find a steep mountain wall, over 2000m from the bottom of the valley and up to the top of the mountain wall, perfect for the more experienced climbers or adventurous - although please make sure you are accommpanied by an experienced guide. Also, the huge waterfalls of Mardalsfossen and Eikedalsvannet are worth a visit to your stay in our holiday accommodation in NorwayDuring your holidays in Romsdal, there are several places where it is possible to go on the so-called Caving tours. In several places along the fjord you can also go horse riding - a slightly different way to appreciate the scenery!

Experience beautiful scenery from your holiday accommodation in Norway