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Elba is the largest island along the coast of Tuscany in Italy. From the mainland it is approximately 10 kilometres to the island. If you choose to rent one of our holiday lettings in Italy in Elba, you will find an island that is split up into 8 municipalities over an area of 223km2 that is home to around 147km of coastline. There are so many different things to do and to experience during your holiday in Tuscany in a NOVASOL holiday home.

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Experiences on Elba Island from your holiday lettings in Italy

From the comfort of your private holiday home on Elba, you can allow yourself the luxury of planning your holiday exactly as you wish. There are plenty of outdoor activities as well as a range of local cultural experiences to be had. Of course, you will also have ample opportunity to sample the delicious Italian cuisine or even try to replicate it back at your holiday lettings in Italy.

The island is probably best known as the island where Napoleon was in exile from May 1814 to February 1815. In the town of Portoferraio you can get a little closer to the history of Napoleon. Here you will find Villa dei Mulini, which was Napoleon's official residence on the island. Although Elba is not a big island, Napoleon nevertheless decided that he needed a second house - his summer house Villa di San Martino, located near San Martino. In Elba you can also see two ancient remains of the ruins of Villa Romana alle Grotte and Villa Romana di Capo Castello. Both of which are of great historical importance for the island. 

Relax on Elba's beaches 

The many beaches in Elba invite you to unwind, soak up some sun and slow down your usual hectic pace of day to day life. Many of us want to enjoy the sun, long, warm summer days and great beaches when we go on holiday in southern Europe. Elba offers all of this and so much more. You will find over 100 beaches to choose from on the island. These range from the larger and more popular ones with lots of life and activity to little secluded coves where one can relax in peace. 

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Elba - the perfect island for an active holiday in our holiday lettings in Italy

Elba is also the perfect destination for a holiday in Italy if you enjoy keeping active and being out in nature during your holiday. There is plenty to get the heart pumping during your stay in your chosen holiday lettings in Italy - whether it be on land, on the water or beneath the surface.

There are many lovely places to dive on the island and you can book a diving trip together with experienced instructors in several location. From the beaches you can also snorkel and experience the rich wildlife that lives in Elba. The long stretch of coastline with bays is also ideal for windsurfing, kayaking or simply paddling around in a small boat. 

You can also explore the island on foot, on horseback and by bike. On the Calamita mountain you will find, for example, an 180 km long mountain bike route - just be careful not to scrape against the big cacti on the narrow slops and take the time to look at the beautiful views of the Mediterranean. If the weather is really nice, you can see all the way to Corsica. 

If you do decide that you want to go for ride on a bike, you will come across a varied landscape, which boasts old castles, romantic little fishing villages, beautiful churches and plenty of secluded bays with the hillside as a backdrop. We would highly recommend spending an afternoon or a full day exploring one of the charming villages for a taste of the Italian culture and the authentic Elba. 

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How do you get to your holiday lettings in Italy in Elba? 

From Livorno and Piombino in Tuscany you can catch ferries to Portoferraio, Cavo and Rio Marina. The trip takes one hour and allows you to enjoy the bright blue sea and the lovely views. During the summer season we recommend that you book the ferry tickets in advance, especially in July and August. You can also go to Elba for a day trip if you are staying in one of our range of holiday accommodation in TuscanyIt is also possible to fly to Elba from Milan and Florence. In August,  many Italians flock to the island as it is one of their favourite destinations.