Finland - things to know for your self-catering holiday

Finland is such a uniquely fascinating country; with its own Nordic cultural traditions, beautiful natural scenery and friendly people. The Finnish people are justifiably proud of their culture and ancient Finnish heritage and enjoy celebrating the best of it and sharing it with visitors. Should you decide to spend your next self-catering holiday in Northern Europe in one of our carefully checked Finland holiday rentals, then you will be presented with the ideal opportunity to explore all of the many different delights that Finland has to offer. We hope to make this as easy as possible for you by outlining some of the main things to know about self-catering in Finland as well as the abundant things to do.

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Holiday cottages in Finland by NOVASOL

Should you choose Finland as the destination for your next self-catering holidays in Scandinavia you will be able to experience the incredible natural beauty of the country first-hand. There are so many activities and outdoor pursuits which can indulge in whilst self-catering in Finland - and any one of our lovely holiday cottages in Finland provides the perfect starting point for fun-filled days packed with adventure and new experiences; whether you are spending your holiday in Finland with family, friends or your partner we are confident that you will find something to love about Finland!

Self-catering Finland year-round

Understandably, many people think of Finland as the perfect destination for winter holidays in Europe as it is of course the original home of Santa Claus as well as the highest density of saunas in the world and excellent skiing. However, self-catering holidays in Finland are a great option throughout the year as there are plenty of cultural and culinary experiences to be had should you decide to rent one of our holiday lettings in Finland. During the roughly 100 days of summertime in Finland, the sun does not set at all and the temperature can reach around 32 degrees Celsius.

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Rent summer holiday cottages in Finland

During this lovely time of year, the Finns celebrate summer and enjoy an outdoor lifestyle; with many partaking in sailing around the coastal islands or going to music festivals. Why not enjoy a perfect afternoon spent barbecuing on the terrace of your chosen holiday cottages in Finland? The official start of the Summer Solstice in Finland is a national holiday and is celebrated across the country, with many Finns heading to their own summer cottages by the many lakes or simply out to the many parks and terraces which you will find dotted around.

Finnish holiday homes - things to know

Escaping out into nature is an integral part of the Finnish culture, with many Finns owning or having access to lovely little cottages often located by one of the many lakes or fells and making for the perfect retreat from the stresses and strains of modern day life. Spend your next European holiday in one of our hand-picked self-catering holiday homes in Finland and you will be able to enjoy a true sense of space and tranquillity, surrounded by nothing but the sound of the water and birds, all whilst still being within easy reach of Finland's cosmopolitan cities, which are home to a thriving cultural scene and great nightlife!

Holiday homes in Finland

Interesting things about Finland

Finland is a wonderfully multi-faceted country, with many different sides for you to discover during your stay in our holiday lettings in Finland. One particular feature of the fascinating Finnish culture is that the people of Finland drink more coffee per capita than any other nation in the world! Relax and enjoy the Finnish cafe culture during your visit. Of course the Finns are famous for their prolific sauna usage. They also really enjoy being outdoors and ctive, with many Finns frequently visiting the public thermal pools in order to socialise. It is this love of nature and respect for the many benefits that contributes to the fact that the Finns are some of the happiest and healthiest people in the world.