Finnish Culture

It is not without reason that Finland is called the thousand lakes. Wherever you decide to rent your holiday cottages in Finland you will be greeted by lakes, rivers, canals and islands among forests and mountains. The lakes are spread throughout Finland, but particularly in the east you will find many large lakes. During your stay in one of our hand-picked holiday homes will be amazed by the natural beauty here and immediately see why Finland is called the thousand lakes. The beautiful scenery will no doubt be the focal point of your self-catering holidays in Finland. Finland is a wonderful holiday destination for both winter and summer holidays in Northern Europe; for skiing or an active holiday in the scenic landscape. NOVASOL offer everything from small cabins in the woods to large luxury homes near the lakes, many properties even come with their own sauna. Book your Finnish holiday cottages today and enjoy the countryside, learn about the country's culture and history or try the Finnish cuisine.

Holiday homes in Finland

Holiday cottages in Finland - Lifestyle and culture

Nature is a big part of Finns' lives and they have a rich culture of outdoor sports and activities. If renting your holiday homes in Finland in the summer, you will find that many people enjoy recreational fishing, primarily fishing for pike. Another popular Finnish pursuit when it is nice weather is to go berry-picking. In the forests, one can easily find læklre berries and lovely mushrooms that you can take back to enjoy in your Finland cottages. Most of NOVASOL's self-catering holiday homes in Finland are located in the beautiful countryside, therefore are perfect to get close to nature and maybe even see bears, moose and wolves.

Year-round self-catering Finland

In summer there is daylight nearly around the clock and the west coast of Finland is one of the sunniest regions in Northern Europe, but in winter the temperature drops drastically and darkness takes over. As completely dark as it gets, the spectacular Northern Lights light up the landscape in a fantastic way; definitely a once in a lifetime sight to see if renting your holiday cottages in Finland in the winter months. In winter, large parts of the lakes freeze solid and you can go ice skating or try ice fishing during your holidays self-catering Finland. Children are also sure to enjoy a trip to Lapland! 

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Unique Finnish culture

When many of us think of Finland, we think of saunas - and there is good reason for this! It is estimated that there are 3 million saunas in Finland, which is incredible considering that there are only around 5 million Finns! Saunas are therefore an important aspect of Finnish culture and it is one of the country's favourite past times, with saunas being used in Finland for over 1,500 yeas! Many of our Finland holiday cottages come with their own private sauna; there is surely no better way to unwind during your stay in one of our self-catering holiday homes in Finland - and for the brave of heart it is traditional to then immerse yourself in the cool water of the lakes.

Active holidays - self-catering Finland

Finland is a wonderful destination for family holidays in Northern Europe and provides the perfect setting for an active holiday for both children and adults. If you choose to rent your Finland accommodation in Northern Finland, there is ample opportunity for skiing at one of the many ski resorts. Here there are slopes for all ability levels, so you can safely take the kids skiing in Finland whilst staying in one of NOVASOL's comfortable self-catering holiday homes. Finland also great conditions for fishing, if you want to catch the evening meal yourself!

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Activities in Finland

At many of these lakes can also rent canoes and kayaks if you want to experience the landscape from the water. The country is also dotted with huge forests, parks and a wonderful wildlife that invites memorable afternoons spent hiking and biking during your self-catering holidays in our Finland accommodation, which is really an opportunity to get away from everyday hustle and bustle and surround yourself with new experiences for all senses. Therefore, Finland is perfect for those in search of activity during their holidays in Northern Europe, as the country offers something to do for children and adults at all times of the year.