Finnish History

When staying in our self-catering accommodation in Finland you will have the opportunity to discover Finnish history through special and authentic experiences. The beautiful country of Finland has a long and diverse history. The history of Finland can essentially be broken down into three main eras; the Swedish era, the Russian era and then finally the country's era of Independence. Each of these individual periods have had their own unique influences on the Finnish culture and cuisine. The Swedish era is the period before 1809, when the country was effectively a part of Sweden and was ruled from Stockholm. In 1809 Finland was adjoined to Russia as an autonomous Grand Duchy after a war with Sweden for power.

Finnish history

Holiday cottages in Finland - Finnish history

You will still see many influences from both the Swedes and Russians during your stay in one of our holiday cottages in Finland. Finland finally gained its independence from Russia on the 6th December 1917 and the newly born republic rapidly developed. Learn about all the periods of Finnish history; using our self-catering holiday homes as the perfect base from which to do so. Finland also endured a number of wars; including a Civil War, the Cold War and of course both World Wars. You will find a huge range of historical sites and monuments whilst staying in our self-catering accommodation in Finland. From medieval castles to sites of modern historical and cultural significance.

Modern Finland history - self-catering Finland cottages

Despite enduring some difficult times, Finland rebuilt itself and was then stronger than ever; steadily developing its very own cultural identity. The Olympics were held in Helsinki in 1952 and in 1955 the country joined both the United Nations and the 'Nordic Council'. In the years following, modern Finland prospered and is now rightly considered to be one of the success stories of new Europe and quickly became a popular destination for self-catering holidays in Northern Europe. They rank highly on many rankings of quality of life; they are also fiercely independent and have several booming industries - including technology and tourism.

Historical monuments to see in Finland

The Russian era has left behind a number of monuments which you can visit during your stay in our hand-picked holiday homes in Finland. Among others, some interesting historical monuments to visit whilst self-catering in Finland include the impressive Bomarsund Fortress and medieval structures such as that of Kastelholm Castle, the pretty St. Anna's Church of Kokar and the incredible 18th century maritime fortress of Suomenlinna; which spreads over 8 islands in Helsinki and has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

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History meets modern cities - Finland accommodation

Helsinki, Finland's capital, is obviously a favourite among holiday makers during their self-catering holidays in Finland. It is a lively city on the south coast of Finland surrounded by small islands and large green parks. The city is relatively young, so there is not the major historical sights of other cities, but you will find plenty of activities and things to see for both children and adults. Why not spend a day whilst renting our Finland accommodation visiting an amusement park, zoo or the National Museum in Helsinki. Alternatively, take stroll through the city's quaint streets, packed with restaurants where you can sample the Finnish cuisine as well as great shopping.

Self-catering Finland - Why NOVASOL?

Finland is a great choice as a destination for self-catering holidays for families, those in search of adventure or quiet romantic escapes - and by choosing your holiday cottages in Finland with NOVASOL, you can be sure that you will be provided with a great base from which to get out and explore everything that Finland has to offer for your holiday. With our European self-catering holiday cottages available to rent in Finland you get the freedom to decide exactly how you would like to spend your holiday; either being outdoors in the natural beauty, enjoying the various actIvities or discovering the history and Finnish cuisine.

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