Beach Holidays in Europe

Europe is home to some fantastic beaches, which vary greatly from country to country, from the golden sand expanses of the Costa del Sol to the rugged Brittany coastline. NOVASOL is proud to provide over 44,000 holiday homes in destinations all over Europe, including many beautiful beachfront villas and coastal cottages in destinations including Spain, Croatia and Scandinavia for you to choose from. So whether planning a family holiday, a relaxing break with friends or your partner, we are confident that we can help you to create the perfect beach holiday in one of our self-catering properties.

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Self-catering beach holidays in Spain

Imagine yourself dozing on a sun-lounger, the only sound is of softly crashing waves in the background; you open your eyes and see a wide stretch of golden sand leading to a bright blue sea which stretches into a perfectly cloudless sky - you are on a beach holiday in Spain. Choose from over 2,000 holiday homes in mainland Spain, in popular destinations such as the Costa Brava and Valencia and look forward to quiet afternoons on wonderful beaches which fade into lively evenings in bustling night-spots as well as an array of vibrant cultural activities.

Beach holidays in the Balearics

If you are seeking a taste of island life, then perhaps you should explore the Balearics – the quintessential Mediterranean beach holiday destination. The Balearic Islands, namely Menorca, Mallorca and Ibiza, are home to spectacular white sand beaches and are the perfect place to simply unwind and take life at a slower pace, although of course there is world-famous nightlife on offer for those who want it. Explore our range of self-catering holiday villas and apartments across this beautiful collection of islands and find your own unique island paradise.

Beach holiday lettings in France

From the historical scenic coastlines of Normandy and Brittany, to the unrivalled classical glamour of the French Riviera; France offers a tremendous diversity which is why many visitors continue to make return trips. Select your ideal property from our range of more than 4,000 self-catering holiday homes in France which includes characterful cottages and gîtes in the most stunning of locations in the North, to chic apartments and gorgeous villas close to the famous beaches of the Cote d'Azur. Wherever you decide to spend your beach holiday in France you are sure to be captivated by the intoxicating mix of culture and beauty.

Beach holidays in Croatia

No talk of a beach holiday in Croatia would be complete without a special mention of the brilliantly clear, breathtakingly blue waters which surround each of the more than 1,000 islands. If you dream of relaxing days spent with loved ones in secluded coves, or weightlessly drifting in a crystalline sea, or even taking a stroll through ancient cobbled streets of magnificent cities then Croatia may be the place for you. Choose from our collection of over 10,000 charming Croatian villas, many of which have private pools, and start planning your fantasy escape today…

Beach holidays in Italy

Make the most of your European beach getaway and stay in one of NOVASOL’s beautiful Italian villas in enchanting locations all across the country including; on the Amalfi Coast, by the sea in Tuscany or on the postcard-worthy islands of Sardinia and Sicily. With the addition of fabulous food, warm and hospitable locals, enthralling historical monuments and ruins as well as gorgeous beaches. Italy is the perfect Southern European beach holiday destination if you want to enjoy unspoilt natural beauty and serenity whilst still being able to immerse yourself in an exciting history and delightful culture.

Beach holidays in Scandinavia

For many people, Scandinavia may not be the first place that springs to mind when thinking of European beach holiday destinations. However, for those who wish to try something a little different, Scandinavia will meet and exceed your expectations for a special beach holiday. Think dramatic coastlines, pristine white sand beaches which are relatively quiet most of the time affording you the luxury of true privacy, and picturesque beach hot-spots, humming with activity, which one would be forgiven for mistaking as Southern Europe. Choose your traditionally Scandinavian holiday home from over 15,000 holiday homes across the region including Denmark villas, Norway accommodation, and Swedish holiday homes.

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