Denmark at Easter

Denmark has come a long way as a tourist destination in the last 30 years. These days, the country is ranked consistently in the top 5 countries to live in the world, and is a fabulous place to visit on family holidays. Try self-catering in Denmark and see for yourself why the Danes are some of the happiest people on this planet, with access to fun activities, up-and-coming cuisine and plenty of fresh air. Visit Denmark at Easter time to experience the festivities and traditions which mark this important time of year. When staying in one of NOVASOL’s Danish holiday homes, guests have the flexibility to join in at Easter, exploring this fun-filled country while they are at it.

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Easter holidays in Europe

Easter is a great time to go away on self-catering holidays in Europe. Summer is still far away at this time of the year, and a good getaway is often just what the doctor ordered. Whereas in the UK we have come to celebrate Easter in a very commercial, American manner, all across Europe people stick to their Easter traditions which have been running for sometimes hundreds of years. To many people, Easter is the most important religious time of the year, and, renting holiday cottages in Denmark, visitors get an impression of the significance of Easter to many Danes.

Family holidays in Denmark

Denmark is an increasingly popular tourist destination, particularly with families. People are beginning to take note of how the Danes seem to be constantly at the top of happiness rankings, and so venture over there to see what all the fuss is about. While staying in holiday homes in Denmark, there are loads of activities for families and couples to get stuck into. With a culture which very much prioritises providing for families, the country has many family attractions and things to do all-year-round.

Easter traditions – Denmark self-catering

Easter in Denmark is a festival dominated by old traditions. Families can easily join in while renting holiday homes in Denmark, getting in the spirit with Danish families and other tourists. One Danish tradition which children enjoy is making Gækkebrev – an anonymous letter in the shape of a snowflake which can be given out to other family members and neighbours. On these letters children write a riddle or a poem and, similar to secret Santa, it is the receivers job to figure out who the sender is. If you guess right, the sender has to give you a chocolate egg. Yum!

Easter food

One of the best things about self-catering in Denmark, and family holidays across Europe, is the opportunity to enjoy local cuisine when you are out there. Denmark has some great national dishes such as smoked salmon and beef on rye bread. But, on Easter Day, families should eat like the Danish which means a lamb chop and some herring, together or apart and in any combination. If you are lucky enough, you might even be invited over for Påskefrokost – Easter lunch – or you could entertain friends at your Danish holiday home.

Enjoy the outdoors with Denmark holiday homes

One of the main reasons why Danes are so happy, and why self-catering in Denmark is so much fun, is the easy access to nature and outdoor activities that can be enjoyed. Whether it is hiking, biking or any other outdoor activity that takes your family’s fancy, there will be plenty of chances to get active while you are out there. If you are a family of nature lovers, there are many zoos worth visiting across the country. Copenhagen Zoo is a fun day out while renting holiday homes in Zealand, whereas Givskud Zoo, with its lions and elephants, is easy to get to from anywhere in Jutland, due to its central location.

Legoland Billund

Located right next to Givskud Zoo, in the town of Billund, the original Legoland attracts thousands of visitors every year. You may have been to Legoland in the UK, but this pales in comparison with the Danish original. The main attraction, the Lego House, contains 25 million bricks and is sure to live long in the memory of children and Lego-crazy adults. While self-catering, visit Billund on a day trip from holiday homes in Denmark and visit the zoo or Legoland – or both! Perhaps some of the family are animal lovers whereas others like building things? If that is the case, split up in the morning and meet again in the afternoon.

Go to the beach this Easter

One thing Danes love doing at Easter time is going for leisurely strolls along the country’s long, rugged beaches. Denmark has a population of less than 6 million, which means that its beaches are often quiet or deserted, even during warmer months. Why not channel you inner Dane while self-catering and get down to the beach for a post-Easter lunch walk. If you want to be right near the water, NOVASOL has a large range of seaside holiday homes in Denmark for every price and specifications. Holiday cottages in Denmark near popular seaside town of Søndervig are ideal for families looking for a busy holiday environment, with Danes flocking there every summer for a getaway.

Copenhagen at Easter

The Danish capital of Copenhagen is well worth a visit at any time of year, but Easter time is especially fun with extra activities for families. Tivoli, the city’s famous gardens, puts on special Easter decorations with seasonal flowers, giant eggs and chocolate lambs scattered around. From Danish holiday homes in Zealand, Copenhagen is a simple trip, and it’s well worth popping in one of the swanky new restaurants which serve the New Nordic Cuisine. One of the best things about self-catering holidays is the feasting flexibility they provide. Rent holiday homes in Denmark and enjoy traditional family cooking in local Danish eateries, or something classy in one of the nation’s large cities.

Holiday homes in Denmark

Over 50 years ago, in a basement in Copenhagen, NOVASOL began as a company selling cottage rentals in Norway. Now, with a portfolio of 50,000 holiday homes, in 28 countries, NOVASOL is the largest provider of holiday homes in Europe. Having started in Denmark, the team is keen to provide a high quality and diverse range of Danish holiday homes. Each of our Danish cottages, apartments and villas are hand-selected by our team to ensure they meet our high standards. We also agree an exclusive low-cost guarantee with homeowners to ensure that our holiday lettings are better value direct than through any other provider.