Group Holidays in Europe

Are you planning a group holiday? Perhaps you have hopes for a relaxing break with friends, or as a group made up of couples? Maybe you have a family holiday in mind, with other families or with long-lost relatives of your own. However it is that you are hoping to spend your next self-catering group holiday, we are confident that we can help you in finding a great location in which you can relax and have fun – ensuring that there is something on offer for every member of your party. In the hustle and bustle of modern day life, it is often all too easy to take those around us for granted, and to lose touch with what is really important; reconnect in the privacy of your own villa.

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Group holiday homes in Europe

Across northern, central and southern Europe we provide extra-large holiday homes for groups, so all you need to do is pick a destination that is right for your group. By choosing a self-catering group holiday you get a sense of freedom and flexibility which it is hard to match by staying in a hotel, the resulting personal touch is the icing on the cake! NOVASOL’s extra-large holiday homes are the ideal setting for a cosy get-together, conversations and hours of fun. The features and added extras of each of our homes are shown in the overview, so you can confidently select the property which will be right for you and your group. At NOVASOL, we offer a selection of properties which would be suitable for large groups; either for a holiday or for a special event, large or small scale; including weddings, birthdays and even corporate events.

Self-catering holidays abroad – reunions

Can you remember the last time all your old school friends got together in the same place at once? If not, it may be the time to refresh some of those memories and get together again. Relive the glory days in comfort and privacy at your self-catering holiday home. Reminisce and recapture your youth together, remind each other why you were all friends in the first place, chatter and laugh at old stories. Staying in one of our holiday homes in Europe allows each member of the group to have their own space and enjoy their break how they wish to.

Self-catering holidays for wedding parties

A wedding should be an unforgettable event, the most beautiful day in a person’s life surrounded by loved ones. The right location certainly plays a very important role, but how do you decide where to go? If you are looking for that certain something to make you wedding day truly magical, why not browse our collection of beautiful holiday homes for a wedding venue? Our range of properties encompasses everything from stunning Umbrian villas, to seafront villas in Spain. For intimate accommodation, full of character, why not try the idyllic settings of the French countryside by renting French cottages in the Dordogne, or maybe even a chateau! Celebrate your special day exactly how you dreamt it, and the best part is that after an unforgettable night of dancing and jubilation your guests can stay at the holiday homes too!

Self-catering holiday homes for class trips

Have you ever considered taking learning outside of the confines of the classroom? Perhaps you should consider a new and fresh approach with your students and take them on an unforgettable class trip whilst staying in a self-catering holiday home in Europe. Students and teachers alike are sure to make life-long memories whilst learning invaluable lessons. In a uniquely relaxed atmosphere, old lessons take on new meaning and friendships are forged forever. Our extra-large holiday homes throughout Europe are a popular option for class trips; whether travelling for a school trip, with university pupils or for an adult education class, we are confident that we can provide you with excellent holiday accommodation to suit the needs of your class. Expand your horizons during your next class trip and enjoy cooking, eating and talking together.

Perfect for work conferences

As well as a being great for educational trips, our large holiday homes are also fabulous for work conferences. If you own a small to medium size company and want to get away from the dreary, grey weather back home, why not move your AGM to somewhere more exotic? By holding conferences and annual meetings in our villas in Croatia, Greece and all over Europe, owners and employees can get a refreshing break while also getting some important work done. Self-catering is also far better value for money than hotels, allowing for often cheaper conferences than if you held them back home!

Live like kings in your own self-catering castle

Group holidays in our large holiday homes are a fun way to feel like royalty on holiday. With 50,000 holiday homes in Europe, NOVASOL has a large number of huge, impressive homes that are suitable for parties of 12+ people. If you fancy living in an real life castle, check out our range of holiday homes in France which contains towering chateaux! Or, if you are looking for the height of class and sophistication, browse our incredible range of villas in Tuscany, some of which can cater for over 20 guests.

The advantages with our large holiday homes:

Exclusivity – You have your own private holiday villa that you don’t have to share with other people.

Privacy – You have the opportunity to spend time together, but you also have the space to take time out for yourself.

Freedom – You are not tied to a busy schedule, but can decide for yourself when things should happen.

Independency – You can arrange your event independently, so everything is how you want it.

Holiday opportunities – After the event or party, you have the opportunity to extend your break and stay a bit longer to relax.