Finnish Cuisine

The Finnish people are proud of their food and cuisine and make a real point of celebrating the very best of it wherever possible. They are also very loyal to their culinary roots so many dishes remain unchanged and you will find influences from centuries old recipes in the day to day cuisine of the people. A self-catering holiday in holiday cottages in Finland with NOVASOL is the perfect way to discover, sample and fall in love with the unique Finnish cuisine. A stay in our hand-picked holiday homes in Finland provides you with the perfect opportunity to buy local produce from the markets, or even pick your own and prepare and authentic home-cooked meal inspired by Finnish food and culture!

Holiday homes in Finland

Holiday cottages in Finland - Finnish cuisine

You will see influences from both the Swedes and Russians on the Finnish culture and cuisine during your stay in one of our holiday cottages in Finland. There is a host of fantastic traditional dishes on offer in Finland, just waiting for you to try. Many Finns still get a lot of their ingredients from local markets such as the large Helsinki Market. The markets are the perfect place to pick up the very freshest of ingredients and give a real flavour for the cuisine of Northern Europe; a particular favourite is the beautiful smoked salmon, definitely worth a try during your stay in one of our Finnish holiday cottages!

Self-catering Finland year-round - Cuisine

The cuisine in Finland has a real sense of seasonality and you will find when dining out in restaurants whilst renting NOVASOL's Finland accommodation that certain dishes are only available when the ingredients are at their best. As a result of the vast areas of natural beauty in Finland, there is a large variety of beautiful fresh produce and the food on offer in Finland varies throughout the year; in winter when the temperature plummets and it is dark, people need some comfort! Therefore, on winter holidays in Finland you will find heavier meat-based dishes including hearty pasty type pies, sausages and cured gamey meats. One popular meat in Finland is wild reindeer, which is delicious for those willing to try!

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Typical Finnish dishes

In summer you will find lighter options for what to eat whilst self-catering Finland, including lots of varieties of fish cooked in dozens of different ways; from frying to boiling and pickling. Of course, this is because of the thousands of lakes in Finland and therefore the abundance of fresh fish. During your stay in one of our self-catering holiday homes in Finland, you will find that the Finnish cuisine is very nutritious and fresh berries, vegetables and wholegrains feature heavily. Healthy and nutritious food is important in Finnish culture and fuels the Finns active, outdoor lifestyle.

Holidays in Finland - Food and culture

Hunting and fishing are prevalent in Finnish history and culture. Nowadays, as you will soon discover if you decide to spend your holidays in Northern Europe in Finland, modern Finland mixes influences from over the centuries with the haute cuisine of today. The country has achieved a remarkable balance between maintaining its cultural heritage and embracing modern influences. In the country's capital of Helsinki you will have the opportunity to visit some world-class restaurants to suit every taste and budget during your self-catering holidays in Finland.

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Delicious dishes to try in Finland

There are hundreds of unique and wonderful Finnish dishes to try during your self-catering holidas in Scandinavia staying in one of our Finland accommodation options but among our favourites, which we would highly recommend to try are 'Korvapuusti' - which literally translates to 'slapped ears', these lovely cinnamon buns are a perfect afternoon treat. Or sample the Grillimakkara - these delicious sausages are a staple of the Finnish summer and are perfect around a campfire and washed down with beer. Make sure to try the typical bright green pea soup, usually served on Thursdays as a long-standing tradition datin gback centuries!