Holiday homes in Gudhjem I NOVASOL

Holiday homes in Gudhjem 

Our NOVASOL holiday homes in Gudhjem offer you and your family immediate access to the tranquil island of Bornholm! Gudhjem is a very small holiday gem with lots of atmosphere. The town is filled with fun shops, cafes and restaurants, along with the cozy harbor where the whole town comes together - particularly in the summer months. In fact, there are no less than 3 ports in town that contribute to the lively atmosphere. The special light and the beautiful surroundings attract the artists as well, and there are plenty of galleries and working workshops in the beautiful old half-timbered houses for those of you hoping for a little Danish culture during your stay as well as the beautiful scenery.

holiday homes in gudhjem

Beaches at Gudhjem

In the town itself there is no sandy beach, but a favorite seaside resort with cliffs where there is shelter from the wind. If you want a real beach, you can head to Melsted, located just south of the city. Melsted beach is a lovely sandy beach with a small island which are particularly suitable for children. There is parking available at the beach for those of you who are hoping to hire a car during your stay in one of our holiday rentals in Denmark. If you want to experience Bornholm's best beach, take a trip to Dueodde. The beach at Dueodde is thought to be one of Europe's best! The white sand is so nice that it has eve been used in hourglasses! Dueodde beach is very wide and several kilometers long. In some places it is framed by dunes. From the parking lots on Fyrvej and Skrokkegårdsvej there are over 500m long wooden ramps through the dunes, making it easy to take a bike, pushchair or wheelchair to the beach. There is also a kiosk and toilets.

Activities for your holiday in Gudhjem

Our holiday homes in Gudhjem are very close to the town's nature. The cliffs around Gudhjem are amazing for a hike where you can enjoy the beautiful view. In the famous forest Almindingen you can follow the marked routes through the beautiful forest to the Rytterknægten. The area is also suitable for a bike ride through the breathtaking landscape. Why not pack a picnic and enjoy a well-earned break after s morning spent exploring the lovely countryside. Bornholm is a mecca for keen fishermen too, fish from the rocks or visit one of the island's many lakes. In addition, there is the possibility to play golf, climb, ride, kayak and much more. A holiday on Bornholm can be both relaxing and active - the choice is yours.

Sights and attractions - holiday homes in Gudhjem

In northern Gudhjem, you will have the opportunity to explore some fo the areas many caves during your stay in one of our numerous holiday rentals in Denmark. Visit Gudhjem Church with the fine paintings and see the changing exhibitions at Gudhjem Museum, which is housed in the old railway station. Østerlars, Nylars, Olsker and Nyker are the names of Bornholm's four famous round churches, which are definitely worth a visit. You should also spend time on a visit to the Bornholm Medieval Center, located in Gudhjem where yu can learn a bit about the Danish history. A boat trip to Frederiksø and Christiansø is also a must when you are on holiday in Bornholm. Finally, of course, you have to go to Hammershus- the largest medieval structure in Scandinavia. The old castle plays a major role in Denmark's history, as a prison for Eleonora Christina.

For any younger travelers, a visit to Joboland is a hit. The family-friendly nature and amusement park has lots of exciting attractions for young and old alike.

Ferie GudhjemShopping on Bornholm

In Gudhjem itself there are many shops and galleries and everywhere on the island there are a wealth of ceramics, art painters and glass blowers. If you want a large selection of shops, go for a trip to Rønne - here you will find all the well-known concept stores as well as restaurants and cafes.

A summer house in Gudhjem is perfect for a self-catering with friends, family or your partner. We offer a varied range of holiday accommodation across Denmark, so you are bound to find the right one to suit your needs. NOVASOL has its own office at the harbor in Rønne. You are always welcome to contact our service office in Bornholm, if you are looking for something special on Bornholm.