Winter Holiday Homes in Sweden

If your family is looking for a proper winter getaway, head to Sweden. Holiday homes in this cold, naturally beautiful country are ideal for taking advantage of skiing, Christmas markets and other activities. NOVASOL has thousands of Swedish holiday homes, available to rent all-year-round, from the height of summer to deepest winter. Just make sure you bring your thick coat and snow shoes for all the outdoor winter fun.

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Sweden self-catering

The Scandinavian countries are famous around the world for their well-educated, happy citizens. Now, visitors are flocking to the region on family holidays – particularly to Sweden – to see what all the fuss is about. By renting holiday homes in Sweden, discover a country that is chock-full of activities to enjoy, whichever time of the year you travel. The billowing snows which blanket the country during the winter open up fabulous opportunities for outdoor exploration, across magical landscapes and in charismatic cities.

Winter holiday homes in Sweden

These days, one big summer holiday is simply not enough to keep families going all year. Wintertime holidays are increasingly being utilised as a fabulous opportunity to get away, refreshing those batteries when you most need it. Sweden may not be your typical holiday destination, but, if you are looking for winter weather and a festive atmosphere, there are few better places in Europe. Browse our range of Sweden holiday cottages and plan your winter getaway around nearby sites and activities.

Skiing in Sweden

Unbeknown to many, Sweden has a vibrant and expansive skiing scene which takes place mostly in the country’s central mountainous area. This vast region is located to the north-west of the capital Stockholm and is very cold during the winter time, with almost guaranteed snow. NOVASOL has a number of Swedish apartments and chalets in the Sälen range that are perfect for enjoying the powder. Of course, there are plenty of blue, red and black slopes to conquer, but it is cross country skiing that is most popular, with the sports history dominated by Sweden. Holiday homes on the ski slopes of Sweden provide a far more relaxed experience than those in the Alps, making for a less stressful ski break.

Immerse in nature

One reason why the Swedes are ranked in the top 5 of happiest people lists every year is their access to, and affinity with, nature. Rent holiday cottages in Sweden and experience ‘allemansrätten’, which loosely translates as ‘freedom to roam’. This Swedish law gives people an entitlement to camp, forage and explore almost everywhere in the natural environment. Take advantage of this on family holidays by hiking through field and forests, and playing almost anywhere. With help from Mum and Dad, kids will be able to make the largest snowmen they have ever seen, and forge unforgettable memories.

Stockholm accommodation

Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, is a wonderful city spread majestically across multiple islands. Visiting from Swedish holiday homes in the region, there is so much to see here during the wintertime. One of the highlights, if you are staying in holiday lettings before the New Year, are the Christmas markets that pop up across the city. The best Christmas market is located in the old town, on the island of Stadsholmen and contains more delicious treats than you can shake an IKEA chair leg at! Other sites such as the Royal Palace and the Nobel Museum are also well worth a visit and offer a great education on Swedish history for inquisitive youngsters.

Winter in Skane

Skane County is Sweden’s southernmost region, connect to neighbouring Denmark via the incredible Øresund Bridge. On the Swedish side of the bridge is the fun city of Malmö which connects with the Danish capital of Copenhagen on the other side. This infrastructure makes Swedish holiday homes in this region ideal for holidaymakers who want to hop between the countries on a winter break. Explore Malmö during the festive period and pop into the market at Gustavs Adolfs Torg. For lovers of dark Nordic dramas, this city was the setting of the infamous TV show ‘The Bridge’ and fans might be able to spot some of the filming locations.

Western Sweden

The west coast of Sweden is home to beautiful landscapes, full of gorgeous lakes and rugged coastline – perfect for fishing holidays. Renting cottages or apartments in Sweden here, visitors enjoy exploring the dramatic scenery by hiking and cycling through the unspoilt countryside. The city of Gothenburg is fun for a day trip during the winter, and contains loads of indoor attractions for families such as the enthralling Universeum science centre. For car enthusiasts, the Volvo museum is well worth visit, and gives a rounded education on the company’s history and future.

Warming food and drink

At this time of year, high up in the north of Europe, you need some warming and delicious food to give you maximum holiday energy. Sweden has some great cuisine, with famous meatballs always doing the job after a day out in the snow. Wander down to local restaurants from Swedish holiday homes and marvel at the specials menu, which will likely be full of fresh fish dishes. Keep an eye out for Raggmunk – a delicious potato cake with lingonberries. And, of course, while walking around Christmas markets, indulge in a warming cup of glogg with a shot of amaretto for good luck.


NOVASOL has thousands of holiday homes in Sweden, each hand-selected by our team to make sure it meets our rigorous requirements. We also agree exclusive lowest-price contracts with home owners to ensure that you cannot rent our holiday homes cheaper anywhere else. With so many holiday lettings to choose from across Europe, take a chance on Sweden this winter and experience a unique northern holiday.