Villas in Cyprus with a Pool

The Island of Cyprus, located right in the south-east corner of the Mediterranean, is a joy to visit on family holidays in Europe. Cypriots are very proud of their Greek culture which intertwines with Middle Eastern influences on the island to create a tantalising experience. It also helps that villas in Cyprus enjoy the best weather of any destination in Europe, meaning baking hot summers, autumns, springs, and even warm winters! When renting villas in Cyprus, you will want a large pool to relax in and soak up the sun, so take your pick from NOVASOL’s range.

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Poolside family holidays

It’s always a good idea to book villas in Cyprus with a pool. The family environment makes the country perfect for poolside fun, whether you are on the coast or in the countryside. Families spend endless days playing by the pool, enjoying the hot weather that Cyprus is so famous for. And, with NOVASOL offering a range of Cyprus villas for all budgets and family sizes, you can be sure of finding a the right rental for you.

Weather on Cyprus villa holidays

It is impossible to talk about villas in Cyprus without mentioning the weather. It is not an understatement to say that the weather is as good as you can find anywhere in Europe. Imagine temperatures in the twenties in the spring and autumn, moving well into the 30s in the summer. This makes villa holidays with a pool possible almost all year round! The hot sun warms up swimming pools throughout the spring, a period where even the sea temperature is very hospitable. It is crucial, however, to remember to reapply that sun cream when sitting by the pool of villas in Cyprus, or by the beach, if you don’t want to go back home looking like a lobster.

Food on Cyprus villa holidays

Unfortunately, Cyprus cannot export its wonderful weather, but one thing we have all tried in restaurants and at dinner parties is the delicious Cypriot cuisine. Not only is the food of Cyprus great to eat in family run tavernas and swanky bars in its capital Nicosia, it is also just the kind of food that you can enjoy while eating al fresco on the terraces of villas. Cyprus is most famous for the meze, a selection of small dishes that come at you thick and fast, somewhat like a tapas. These meals can sometimes be as large as 14 courses, so make sure you don’t over-indulge on the first few sharing dishes! Families can expect all the Greek favourites such as feta, prawns, dolmades and tazatziki. And, if there is food left over that you can’t finish, tavernas are happy to give you goody bags to enjoy for lunch the next day, by the pool or out and about.

Nicosia – Cyprus villas with a pool

The capital of Cyprus, Nicosia, is a delightful city with a vibrant mix of Greek and Turkish cultures. Politically, the capital is shared by the Turkish and Greek sides of the island, making it a melting pot of sights and smells. If you are looking to rent villas in Cyprus in large city, Nicosia is your best option, and is the only settlement on the island that feels particularly metropolitan. For culture lovers, the city’s most entrancing attraction is the Selimiye Mosque which is converted from a half-completed gothic church. A short walk away, on the Greek side of the city, Ledra Street is the main shopping area in the city and a smart place to by presents for family back home.

Paphos – Cyprus villas with a pool

Paphos is perhaps Cyprus’ most famous tourist destination. The city, located on the west coast of the island, has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its ancient remains and incredible beauty – a high accolade for any city. The ruins at Paphos are still being excavated, and are of exceptionally high quality, particularly the floor mosaics of a number of Roman villas. Cyprus is well known for charming towns, but Paphos’ old town centre’s cute shops and harbourside tavernas are particularly alluring. When visiting from villas in Cyprus, bring a towel for the city’s large beaches, which are abuzz with foreign and domestic tourists for much of the year.

Larnaca – Cyprus villas with a pool

Another fun destination to visit from villas in Cyprus is the city of Larnaca, on the south coast. The bars and restaurants that line the beachfront are very lively, particularly on weekends, so young families might prefer to visit in the daytime when the atmosphere is more chilled. A fun day in the city can be spend walking along the beach and through the large harbour, before climbing the impressive fort which looks out across the southern Mediterranean. If you happen to stop in one of Laranca’s restaurants, make sure you try to seafood which is extremely fresh all-year-round.

Limassol – Cyprus villas with a pool

There are so many things to see in and around Limassol. Only a 20-minute drive from the city, the ruins at Kourion are well worth a visit. These beachside ruins are in an extremely picturesque location, with views over the countryside and the Mediterranean. The site’s ruins include the Sanctuary of Apollo Hylates, a temple and worship grounds which dates back to as far as the 8th century BC. Limassol itself has a large coastal boulevard which runs the length of the city and is dominated by beaches and bars.

Cyprus holidays with NOVASOL

Cyprus is a great destination for family holidays because of its reliable warm weather and its relatively low prices. If money is tight, costs can be kept down even further by renting villas in Cyprus with NOVASOL in the off-season. Try sneaking across to Cyprus for an autumn half-term getaway – the warm weather and hospitality will make it feel like the middle of August! Whichever season you travel in, our Cyprus villas with pools will give you that refreshing holiday you have worked so hard for. And, because we agree lowest-cost guarantees with our home owners, you can’t find our homes cheaper anywhere else.