Holiday Villages in Germany

Increasing numbers of holidaymakers are visiting Germany on self-catering holidays. The country, as diverse as it is large, is a fun place for family holidays, made even more enjoyable when staying in a holiday village. With loads of children’s activities as well as interesting attractions for parents to get their teeth into, holiday villages are a smart option for keeping the whole family happy. Staying in one of NOVASOL’s holiday homes in Germany, families have the ideal platform to discover all this country has to offer, from castles to beaches, forests to busy cities. Browse our range of holiday homes in Germany and see for yourself!

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Self-catering in Germany

One thing to remember when choosing holiday lettings in Germany is the country’s vast size. Even with its speedy autobahns crisscrossing the countryside, it is impossible travel around the country all in one holiday, as one might attempt to while staying in neighbouring Holland or Denmark. Instead, the best plan is to rent accommodation in Germany in one region and explore just that – and don’t worry there will be plenty to do. Picking the right location is important; if you want beaches, head to the northern region of Pomerania; if you want castles, Bavaria is your best bet. With a little bit of holiday planning beforehand, you can easily tailor your Germany self-catering holiday to your family’s desires.

Holiday villages

For family holidays, Germany’s holiday villages are an excellent choice. Staying in a holiday park, families have access to fun activities, advice, and companionship from other families. Expect to make plenty of friends while you are out there, from different countries across Europe. NOVASOL has a great range of villas and apartments in Germany in modern holiday villages. Whichever region you are looking to stay in, we have holiday lettings that are sure to take your fancy.

Tropical Islands – Germany self-catering

Perhaps Germany’s most eye-catching holiday park, the Tropical Islands resort is a real treat for children. Located to the south-east of the capital Berlin, the park is accessible from apartments in Berlin, but is best enjoyed when staying in holiday lettings right next to the action. NOVASOL guests in the village have free access to the water-park which covers a staggering 66,000 square-feet. The largest feature of the waterpark is the famous dome which contains a tropical paradise with a beach, waterslides and a temperature which hovers around 26 degrees. Outside, the 'Amazonia' area offers refreshing bathing, particularly in the warmer summer months.

A day out from Tropical Islands

As well as enjoying the waterpark and other activities on the Tropical Islands resort, guests have the flexibility to venture out and discover eastern Germany. Self-catering in Brandenburg, families have lots to see, including the amazing sites of the capital Berlin. This wonderful European city has more museums than you could shake a stick at, as well as hundreds of restaurants and buzzing nightlife. To the west of the city, the magnificent Sanssouci Palace is great place to visit from holiday homes in Germany. The palace, located in the historic city of Potsdam, was the summer palace of Fredrick the Great and built as a rival to Versailles.

Prora Solitaire – beachside self-catering in Germany

The resort of Prora Solitaire is a wonder to behold. Located on the Baltic island of Rügen, this huge complex of apartments runs parallel to the beach, separated from the sand by a large garden area with an outdoor pool and lounging space. You will struggle to find holiday apartments in Germany that are much more luxurious then these, with panoramic views over the sea and lavishly furnished interiors. NOVASOL offers a number of apartments in the Prora Solitaire, so there is plenty of choice in terms of size, price and specification.

Frankenau Village

As well as flashy holiday villages such as Tropical Islands and Prora Solitaire, NOVASOL also offers holiday homes in Germany in more conventional holiday parks across the country. An example of one such park would be Frankenau, located in region of Hesse in central Germany. Holiday homes in this village have large lawns and access to the park’s sports facilities which include sports fields, boating on the lake and mini-golf, keeping restless kids busy. For active families, holiday lettings here are perfect as the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park is just next door, offering opportunities for cycling and hiking.

Visit German castles on family holidays

Tourists from all over the world flock to Germany to see its impressive, almost magical castles. The majority of these castles are located in the south-eastern region of Bavaria, so renting German holiday homes here is your best bet if you want to tick off a number of castles while you are there. The most famous of all the German castles is Neuschwanstein Castle, located right at the foot of the country, beside the German Alps. This castle's iconic design, mimicked in popular fiction by Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Castle among others, is a fabulous day out from holiday lettings, and something that will impress young children and parents alike.

Food and drink – self-catering in Germany

German food knows what it is and what is isn’t. If you are looking for elegant, complex cuisine you can find it in the sophisticated foreign restaurants which are prevalent in all major cities. However, hearty, delicious German food is far easier to come by with favourites such as Bratwurst available in restaurants and cafes across the country. To accompany yummy meat dishes, the Germans brew some of the best beer in the world which can be easily enjoyed while self-catering. Many holiday villages in Germany have communal food and drink areas so you can relax and enjoy some great food without having to travel.

NOVASOL – Germany holiday home specialists

As the largest provider of holiday homes in Europe, NOVASOL is well positioned to provide fantastic villas, cottages and apartments in Germany. Our range of holiday homes is kept to the highest quality by our German team who hand-select and visit each home before offering it for rent. Browse our range beachside apartments, forest cabins and countryside villas. If you want to search just for holiday villages, you can filter the search by clicking on the filter button and then selecting ‘holiday parks’.