All-Inclusive Villas in Italy

There are few holiday destinations in Europe where spending money is more enjoyable than in Italy. For visitors, there is just so much to indulge in; clothes, food, wine and activities being just a few. That’s why, when renting villas in Italy, it’s a smart idea to look for NOVASOL’s all-inclusive homes. Italian villas with costs included help families control bills when they are out there, leading too less budgeting and more time enjoying themselves.

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All Inclusive villas in Italy

NOVASOL’s all-inclusive villas in Italy have no extra costs attached. This means no unwelcome charges either at the beginning or end of your stay. Families staying in all-inclusive Italian villas have better control their budgets by knowing what the compulsory expenditure is before leaving. With a tight handle on the holiday funds, your family can focus on relaxing in Italy, and spending your money on the things that matter.

Self-catering on the northern lakes

Northern Italy is homes to some of the country’s most dramatic landscapes, especially around the northern lakes. Lakes Garda, Como and others are so famous for their elegant beauty that it is often a surprise, when first visiting, that they live up to their reputation. Although not traditionally a destination associated with self-catering, Lake Garda has had an accommodation revolution over recent years, with plenty of Italian villas and apartments now available on the waterside. From the comfort of holiday homes, the wonders of the lakes are easily explored, either by car or by boat.

Go all-inclusive in Veneto

Competing for the title of Italy’s most romantic region is not easy, but Vento puts forward a very strong case. The region, which is dominated by its charismatic capital Venice, is a fabulous destination for family holidays, whether you stay in Venice apartments or villas on the mainland. Whereas the attractions of Venice are very well-known, the other major cities in Veneto, Verona and Padua, are extremely attractive. Both are steeped in history, particular Padua, who’s university played a major role in the development on medicine and mathematics in the middle ages. When self-catering in Italy, what you see and do is entirely up to your own schedule, so don’t panic if a particularly hot day means you would rather lounge by the pool – Padua can wait until tomorrow.

All-inclusive villas in Tuscany

NOVASOL has a phenomenal range of villas in Tuscany. If your family is a fan of luxurious lawns, incredible views and huge private pools, this might be the place for you. Tuscany is a wonderful area of central Italy with great food and culture, and nowhere is this more apparent than in Florence, a city which rivals Rome as Italy’s best city. Italian villas in the Tuscan countryside often have gorgeous views over the roiling hills, many of which are crested by churches and fortified towns, perching precariously above the horizon. And, if you are a family of beach-lovers, you can always flee for the coast when it gets hot, as the Italians do, for beach days and ice creams.

All-inclusive villas in Umbria

Umbrian villas offer a holiday experience not too dissimilar to its neighbour Tuscany. The landlocked region in the heart of Italy has breathtakingly beautiful countryside, complemented with just as picturesque villages and towns. The main settlement is Perugia, which is a centre for the arts in Italy, and, as any visitor will attest, extremely hilly. While visiting Perugia from villas in Italy, the huge gothic Cathedral on the main pizza should be your first port of call.

Apartments in Rome – all-inclusive

What can be said about Rome that hasn’t already been said a thousand times? The enduring attraction of the Eternal City is a testament to its wonders, visited every year by millions from around the world. When self-catering in Rome, it is very easy to eat as the Romans do by enjoying the fantastic pizza joints and cafés which can be found all over the city. When the temperatures rise in the summer, many Italians escape the city and head for the coast which is only 30 kilometres away from the city centre.

All-inclusive villas In Sardinia

Sardinia has a reputation for being the stylish holiday haunt of celebrities and royalty in Italy. Villas on the island are used to a distinguished crowd, one that doesn’t want to pay for consumption costs and water bills when they arrive. Staying in Sardinian villas, relaxation is the order of the day, whether that involves sunbathing in one on the island’s hidden coves, or exploring towns such as Alghero on the west coast, with its enchanting caves and its impressive city walls. The island itself is not too small, so there are plenty of things to see while self-catering.

All-inclusive villas in Sicily

Holidaymakers find fantastic diversity on Sicily, which isn’t surprising when you consider it’s the biggest island in the Mediterranean. Rent Italian villas on the island and get ready for a hotchpotch of cultures with influences from North Africa, the Middle East and, of course, from the Italian mainland. Some of the most fun in Sicily can be had exploring the bazaars of major cities Palermo, Syracuse and Catania, which sell amazing fresh food as well as spices and trinkets. For relaxing family holidays, full of beaches and sun, try NOVASOL's villas in Menfi, on the southern coast - they won't disappoint. 


With over 5,500 hand-selected apartments and villas in Italy, NOVASOL is committed to offering families choice for their next Italy getaway. Whether it is large Tuscany villas or cute Venice apartments you are looking for, we have plenty of options that are sure to tickle your fancy. All of our holiday homes are visited by our teams across Italy and Europe before they are offered for rent. This helps us to ensure that our homes are right for families and good value for money.