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In the heart of Sogn and Fjordane lies Sunnfjord, which together with Nordfjord in the north and Sogn in the south forms one of the most beautiful areas in all of Norway. If you rent a cabin in Sunnfjord, you can climb dramatic mountain peaks to the inland of the region and experience the sea and charming towns to the west. Here, a varied range of experiences await during your stay in our holiday rentals in Norway, in the midst of majestic nature and in urban settlements such as Førde and Florø, the two cities of the region, of which Førde is the largest in Sunnfjord and the county as a whole.

Natural surroundings in Sunnfjord

On holiday in Sunnfjord, you will be surrounded by some spectacular nature, no matter where in the region you are. In the inland parts of Sunnfjord lies Førde, Gaular and Jølster with its many high mountain peaks, fishing waters and valleys. In Jølster we find Sunnfjord's highest mountain Snønipa, which stretches to 1,827 meters above sea level. With its 36 km, Førdefjorden is the longest of its kind in Sunnfjord, and is one of the national salmon fjords in Norway - definitely well-worth a visit whilst staying in one of our holiday rentals in NorwayIf you rent a holiday home to the west of Sunnfjord, you will have the opportunity to experience fantastic fishing opportunities, charming towns and beautiful islands. This area is particularly buzzing in the summer months.

Attractions to enjoy in Sunnfjord from your holiday rentals in Norway

A number of the most popular attractions in Sunnfjord are closely linked to the area's natural beauty. For any keen fishermen, trips to the rivers Gaula and Nausta are highly recommended. If you want to climb mountain peaks, tours of Blegja in Askvoll and the Great Horse in Gaular offer amazing views from the peaks. One of our favourite palces to visit is the Kvanhovden Lighthouse in Flora. If you are interested in art and Norwegian culture, you should take a walk around Førde where you will find the Sunnfjord Folk Museum and Sogn og Fjordane Art Museum. Not far away, you can see Nikolai Astrup's many artworks at Astruptunet in Jølster. 

Places to visit from your holiday rentals in Norway

You will find two cities in Sunnfjord, of which Førde is the largest and is centrally located in the county. Førde has grown to be the largest trading center between Bergen and Ålesund and has plenty of opportunities for those who want to enjoy some shopping or sample some Norwegian cuisine during their holidays. Here you will also find more restaurants and nightlife. If you rent a holiday home in Sogn og Fjordane, you will always find amazing scenery and if you spend your holiday in Florø, you can combine the nature experiences with city life in this beautiful village.

Along the region's beautiful fjords and in the long valleys, you will find charming towns and welcoming locals. Whether you want to combine city and nature experiences in the region's two largest towns, or venture to a small village for a peaceful holiday in beautiful surroundings, Sunnfjord has plenty to offer you. Rent a cabin in Western Norway and look forward to an adventurous self-catering holiday in Norway!