Pistoia, the capital of the province with the same name, has 90 thousand inhabitants. One of our holiday rentals in Italy, which includes apartments and villas in Tuscany, is the ideal starting point for exploring the fascinating city with its monuments from the Roman Empire and the Renaissance. The place at the foothills of the Apennine was formed by the fortress Pistoriae. The area is one of the oldest municipal constitutions in all of Italy.

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The Cathedral of San Zeno

At that time the city had its first heyday with the construction of beautiful buildings, the banks of Pistoia enjoyed an esteemed reputation in Europe. Those who are enthusiastic about Italian history or culture should definitely not miss out on a visit to Cathedral of San Zeno with its magnificent facade and interior during your stay in one of our holiday rentals in Tuscany. The cathedral is an important work of Pisan Romanesque and has a valuable treasury, which can be viewed in the museum. The interior of the church is characterized by columns, barrel vaults and beautiful terracotta. In the Capello di San Jacopo, the silver altar of St. James is particularly noteworthy.

The historical procession "Giostra dell`Orso"

Book your holiday in Italy in the summer, when the inhabitants of the city remember their glorious history at the end of July with the historic procession "Giostra dell`Orso" and re-enactments around the cathedral square. Opposite the cathedral facade is the Baptistery, a work of the artist Andrea Pisano. The octagonal church is very distinctive with its white and green marble cladding and impressive row of columns.


The Hospital Ospedale del Ceppo was founded in the 13th century and got its name from a hollowed-out tree trunk that collected donations for nursing. On your tour of the city, visit the beautiful vestibule of the hospital from your holiday apartments or villas in Tuscany. The Palazzo del Comune was built as early as the 14th century, and in 1637 a covered bridge was built between the cathedral and the palazzo. The Council Chamber of the Palazzo has a beautiful beamed ceiling and 15th century stalls. On holiday in Tuscany be sure to pay a visit to the Museo Civico with its important collections on the top floor of the palace. There are also a number of festivals that take place in Pistoia so you can get to know the Italian culture during your stay in one of our holiday rentals in Tuscany, including the summer blues festival.

The province of Pistoia is located in the interior of Tuscany, between Bologna and Pisa. Spend your holiday in the tranquillity of the mountainous landscape. The village of Cutigliano is known for its interesting history is located twenty-five kilometres northwest of the provincial capital of Pistoia on the south side of the 1973-meter-high Mount Libro Apertino above the valley of Lima. There are plenty of unique sites and attractions to see from your holiday accommodation in Tuscany.

Holiday in the mountain village of Cutigliano

The origins of this village can be traced back to the Middle Ages. The Palazzo Pretoria was built in the 14th century and carries the coats of arms of the medieval city lords, the Podestà and the seven mountain villages, which then joined together to form a community. Also worth seeing during your self-catering holidays in Tuscany are the Casa Lazzerini and the Chiesa di San Bartolomeo with paintings by Matteo Rosselli, the great painter of the 17th century. In the district of Rivoreta, we would recommend a visit to the Museo della Gente dell'Appennino Pistoiese. Use your NOVASOL holiday home in Tuscany as the perfect base for experiencing the Italian history of the mountain village and to see the numerous sights.

Plenty to do in Tuscany

The area of Pistoia offers plenty to do for those who enjoy being active during their holidays. You can go hiking, mountain biking, climbing and horse riding. Cutigliana is the starting point for mountain tours and hikes. The center of the Pistoia Mountains is San Marcello Pistoiese on the Reno River. Why not visit nearby the picturesque suspension bridge Ponte Sospeso di San Marcello Pistoiese. It leads between Mammiano and Piteglio over the river Lima. The bridge was completed in 1922; it is 212 meters long and thus one of the longest suspension bridges in the world.

Pescia - the divided city

Book one of our numerous holiday villas and apartments to rent in Tuscany in Pescia and visit the famous flower market in summer. The river divides the city through the spiritual center with churches on one bank and a secular center with the Palazzo dei Vicari on the other. The Porta Fiorentina city gate dates from the 18th century and leads to the Duomo. This was built in 1693 on the remains of a Romanesque church. In the bishop's palace, you can admire sculptures and paintings from the middle Ages in the Diocesan Museum. You will also have the chance to visit the supposed home of Pinocchio near Pescia in the medieval mountain village of Collodi. Carlo Lorenzini spent a large part of his childhood here. The Pinocchio Park has a Pinocchio monument by E. Greco and shows many pictorial scenes from the famous book. Whilst self-catering in Tuscany you can also visit the 17th century Villa Garzoni, with its beautiful garden and water features.