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The small town of Pienza – Holiday rentals Italy

Pienza is a small town in the interior of Tuscany, whose fascinating centre in the Renaissance style was included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage. Follow in the footsteps of world heritage by renting villas in Italy! In Pienza the famous sheep cheese Pecorino is produced. This delicious, hard cheese is a treasure of local culinary culture, so whilst renting apartments in Italy, be sure to buy some directly from the farmers - it is offered everywhere. In 15th century Pienza, Pope Pius II. realised together with his architect Bernardo Rossellino his dream of the ideal city in Italy. You will be enchanted by beautiful place right by your Tuscany villas!

History of Pienza – Villas and apartments in Italy

The city was originally called Corsignano and was the birthplace of Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini. He had big dreams and loved antiquity and perfection in architecture. Against all odds, the young man later became the Pontifex Maximus and had to expand the wealth and power of his birth town, creating an ideal city. If you have rented accommodation in Rome or Venice, you will know the beauty of Italian architecture, but Pienza is far less crowded and less well-known. Pienza is considered as a first example of humanist urban planning, which has been taken up by other Italian cities and later spread throughout Europe. Enjoy lovely buildings and dog friendly holidays nearby if you wish!

Amazing architecture

The map points to the middle of the Piazza Comunale, the four main buildings flanking it. Rent villas in Italy and discover the intricately designed Cathedral, City Hall and the two Palazzi Vescovile, residence of the Cardinal and later, Pope Alexander VI., And Palazzo Piccolomini, residence of Pius Family 'II. Even today you can see the the Cathedral, who was consecrated by Pope Pius II.

Visit Pienza Cathedral

Whether on forest holidays nearby or just spending a relaxing holiday at one of our dog friendly cottages in Italy, be sure to see this wonderful building! The cathedral has a very unconventional look that is particularly evident in the overwhelming interior. From all sides, roads lead to the Piazza Comunale! The travertine fountain in the Piazza carries the coat of arms of Piccolomini and was in the following centuries a model for many wells. Because of the death of Pope and architect in 1464 the idea of the ​​ideal city could not be extended to the whole place. Nevertheless, the buildings still form an elegant ensemble, which must be visited when holidaying in Italy. It is enough to rival architecture of villas and apartments Rome!