The former mining community of Gavorrano with almost 9,000 inhabitants and 9 districts is located near the Colline Metallifere and the Maremma. Experience everything that this unique region has to offer during your stay in your chosen holiday rentals in Italy in Tuscany whilst making the most of your time to relax and unwind. The municipality was probably founded by the Etruscans to salvage rich mineral resources. Nothing is known about the settlement in antiquity, but in the 9th century Count Alberto di Mangona received the area as a fief of Charlemagne.

Urlaub Gavorrano

Castello di Pietra

Under Count Paganello Inghiramo Pannochieschi the famous Castello di Pietra was built in the northeast of the municipality. On your tour of the village during your holiday in Tuscany, look for the romantic lane that still bears the name of the count today. At the Palazzo del Podestà an inscription with lines by Dante from the "Divine Comedy" commemorates the drama of Nello and Pia in the Castello di Pietra. Castello di Pietra has an 11th-century tower and a 12th-century noble palace with a tower. Book a holiday home in Tuscany in July when the historical drama "Salto della Contessa" is performed in front of the Castello, attracting thousands of onlookers.


The Borgo on the hill forms the core of Gavorrano. From the Piazza della Resistenza, a wide view of the plain opens onto the hamlet of Bagno di Gavorrano. In Gavorrano you will find remains of medieval walls, bastions and gates are preserved everywhere. Visitors interested in Italian history during their stay in our holiday lettings in Italy should visit the 17th-century church of San Giuliano, which was built in place of an older, predecessor building. Among the most important works of art of the church are the "Madonna col bambino" from 1336 by Giovanni d'Agostino and paintings from the 18th century. Other churches worth seeing are San Cosma e Damiano with the important Oratorio del Santissimo Sacramento from the 14th century, as well as the churches of San Biagio, Sant'Antonio and San Leonardo. Nature lovers are also in luck during their stay in one of our range of holiday homes in Tuscany as you can visit the mineral and natural park of Gavorrano and visit abandoned pits in beautiful natural surroundings.