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Our villas in Villasimius are close to the best vacation spot in Sardinia! The island is best known for its beautiful beaches. The island also has a beautiful mountain range. Sardinia is known as one of the most mysterious places on earth. This is because it is recognised as one of the oldest landmasses in Europe. Sardinia has amazing archaeological sites known as Sardinia's Stonehenge. There are over 7,000 stone fortresses located around the island. The island is known as the "Land of the Giants". It gets its name from these stone fortresses, with some of them more than eight feet tall. Our villas in Villasimius offer access to the best of Sardinia. Read more to find out more about why you should choose Villasimius for your perfect Italian holiday!

Villas in Villasimius | An Idyllic and Tranquil Sardinian Holiday

Sardinia, where our villas in Villasimius are located.

Villasimius is often referred to as the "Pearl of the South". The town earns this nickname entirely. The town has many beautiful coves, long beaches, lagoons, and rolling hills. Villasimius' population is small, with a winter population of 4,000. Even though the town is small its population grows to over 10,000 during the summer months. 

The main thing we recommend doing is visiting the beaches. You can take the panoramic drive starting at Capo Boi. This is at the most southern point of the protected Marine Area. This road will take you to the beaches of Campus, Campulongu, and Porto sa Ruxi. The white sand and beautiful blue seas make these beaches and unforgettable visit. 

Our villas in Villasimius our also close to the activities the town as to offer. There is a lot of shops and restaurants for you and your family or partner to enjoy. Additionally you can visit museums and archaeological sites. You can go visit the remains from the Nuragic age, and tour ancient roman baths in Santa Maria. Be sure to visit the Domus de Janas, an ancient tomb and archaeological site. 

Villasimius is a relaxed and tranquil getaway. The town has a lot of opportunities to relax. Come stay for an amazing holiday with your family and friends!