Holiday cottages in Faaborg, Fyn

Faaborg on the island of Fyn is close to the perfect holiday destination for the whole family. At Novasol you can rent attractive holiday cottages in Faborg, which is one of the oldest market towns in Denmark.

Just where Svendborg Strait and the South Fyn Archipelago form a beautiful entrance to the fjord you have charming Faborg –one of the most beautiful spots on Fyn. All possibilities for spending a cosy family holiday are to be found here.

At Novasol you can choose between many lovely holiday cottages and holiday villas in all sizes and layouts for reasonable prices. No matter whether you prefer a luxury holiday villa with a spa bath, cable television and a swimming pool or a more simply fitted out holiday cottage, we can help you. We give you a suitable roof over your head and send you off to Faborg on the island of Fyn for a fantastic holiday in summery Denmark.

Well-preserved civic houses with timber framing and stylish grocery yards stand side by side in Faaborg Midtby with narrow streets and bumpy cobblestones. Enjoy the ambiance and take a look inside one of the town’s museums or visit the old bell tower.

The old market town is situated at the foot of Svanninge Hills, where delightful walking trips await. Go sailing on the South Fyn Archipelago, with the charming town as the point of departure, or visit the old neighbouring castles and manor houses like Hvedholm, Steensgaard and Egeskov.