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Holiday homes in Bardolino

Come visit our NOVASOL holiday homes in Bardolino to explore the north of Italy! Bardolino is one of the most well-known touristic destinations on Lake Garda. The town is located on the east shore of the lake, around 20 miles away from the regional capital Verona, and 80 miles west of Venice. You can access the town easily from the Verona airpot, with hourly bus shuttles leaving from 8am. 

Our holiday homes Bardolino are perfect for an Italian holiday devoid of tourists traps. Bardolino was originally a small fishing village, but it has over the years grown into a popular tourist resort for northern European visitors. Historically the majority of tourists atracted to this area were from Austria and Germany, however, with more direct flight connection to Verona, the town has begun to attract visitors from other countries. Recently, the majority of visitors hail from the UK and Ireland, as well as the United States and some Eastern European nations. This has made the town more accessible to English speakers. However, the town remains relaxed and relatively uncrowded. Additionally, the town is connected by a lakeside path with is neighbours Lazise and Garda, allowing quick day trips to those towns.

Things to do in Bardolino

A stay in one of our holiday homes in Bardolino isn't complete without enjoying the one main thing the region is famous for - its wine! The town offer many bike tours that explore the wineries of the region, as well as independent tasting tours. You can also explore the expansive olive groves and vineyards, all of the conveniently located near our NOVASOL holiday homes in Bardolino. Other than the world-famous wine, Bardolino is also a great spot for hiking enthusiasts and mountain bikers, as the breathtaking and expansive landscapes are not only beautiful but easily accessible. 

Bardolino also offer a weekly market - we highly recommend visiting the market on Thursday, where you can explore and purchase locally sourced and crafted products and interesting bargains. It end around midday and starts in the morning, so come early! Our holiday homes in Bardolino are also close to the town's beautiful churces; visit the Romanesque church San Severo for its beautiful frescos, as well as the Santa Maria church. 

Bardolino also offer cultural activities for you and your family to enjoy. There is the quirky Olive Oil Museum on the Gardesana state road to explore to learn more about the product's process from plant to oil. Finally, there are many carnivals to enjoy throughout the year along the lakeside, most notably the Carnival of Bacchus and Ariadne. 

With so much to explore, your holiday will be fruitful yet with many opportunities for relaxation! 

Holiday homes in Italy

There are so many beautiful places in Italy to visit that one visit is never enough. Visit the Amalfi coast in the South, Rome for a city break, the Garda lake in the North or the world famous wine region Tuscany. Book a holiday rental in Italy and explore the regions history, art and culture.

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