Villas in Ragusa | The Perfect Sicilian Holiday

Come and enjoy a fabulous holiday in one of our villas in Ragusa. Ragusa is located on the island of Sicily. It is the capital of its province and is a populated city with over 72,000 inhabitants. It is not to be confused with the old name of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Ragusa Italy is a centuries old town steeped in history and culture. It is widely considered to be one of the most picturesque towns in Sicily. Ragusa is divided into two areas. The areas are called Ragusa Superior and Ragusa Ibla. Since 2002 Ragusa has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage. In the town 18 buildings on the list.

Our villas in Ragusa are able to provide quick access to all the fun things Ragusa has to offer for you, your family or partner.


Sicily, where our villas in Ragusa are located

Villas in Ragusa: A Holiday in an Ancient Town 

Our villas in Ragusa are easily accessible. The local airport, Comiso, is only ten miles away. The Catania Airport, the closest major airport with international flights, also has direct buses to and from the city. Ragusa is also accessible by bus and train. The town has stations in the modern part of the upper town. Additionally, there are buses operated by many companies connect Ragusa to many other Sicilian towns. This makes our villas in Ragusa the perfect pathway to an amazing holiday in Sicily.

In the middle of this picturesque town, our villas in Ragusa offer great access to all the town has to offer. The best activity tourists love to do in Ragusa is walking around. Have a walk around the lanes od Ragusa-Ibla. Go up the multiple steps to the uppertown to enjoy the stunning view of Ibla. This town if perfect for relaxed hanging out with friends, partners, and your family. Stop for a drink in the piazza in front of the town’s Duomo, enjoy a wine-flavoured gelato, or go for a stroll in the park. The town’s unique character is due to the region’s unique history. Like the other towns in the region, Ragusa was rebuilt after a massive earthquake in the late 1600s in the Baroque style. This Baroque style can be seen and enjoyed throughout the city. Have a look at the Cathdral, the Duomo di San Giorgio. The construction of the building began in 1738, and allows tourist access. You can climb up the Duomo’s steps to enjoy some of the region’s most prized artwork, including a statue of St. George. Next to the church is the Museo del Duomo. The museum contains drawings depicting the churches in Ragusa before the earthquake and stone carvings.

Outside of the churches Ragusa has to offer, our villas in Ragusa are close to the town’s public park, the Giardino Ibleo. This beautiful park is lined with perfectly manicured gardens. It provides amazing views of the surrounding valley and a perfect locale for an evening walk with your family, friends, or partner.

After enjoying the views and walks that Ibla has to offer, head over to Ragusa Superiore. This is the town’s more modern area. Close to our villas in Ragusa, the modern part of town has its own Duomo. It is called the Cattedrale di San Giovanni Battista, another 18th century Baroque building. Superiore’s main street, Corso Italia, also offers a picturesque walk. Tourists have also recommended this as the best part of the town. It provides panoramic views of the city. Superiore also offers great restaurants. This provides tourists a great introduction into local Sicilian cuisine.

The town has beautiful churches, restaurants, parks and museums. Our villas in Ragusa provide the perfect Sicilian escape for you and your loved ones holiday in Italy.