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Holiday homes in Augusta, Italy

For a tranquil Sicilian holiday come stay in one of our holiday homes in Augusta! Come explore this unique corner of Sicily.

Not to be confused with its American counterpart, the town of Augusta, Italy is located on the eastern coast of Sicily. The town has been inhabited for the past 27 centuries, originally as an Ancient Greek colony. The town got its name by from the Emperor Augusto, who built the town over the remains of the Greek settlement. After being destroyed (again) by Barbarian invasions, the town was rebuilt by Federico II of Svevia, and developed into a strategic point to defend from pirate invasions and raids. The town was (yet again) destroyed in an 1848 earthquake and then reconstructed; the town after it was rebuilt began to grow in importance in the Mediterranean as a naval base. Over the past few years, the town has grown into a relaxing tourist destination. Our holiday homes in Augusta are close to the many attractions and cultural sites of the town!

our holiday homes in augusta, sicily are close to many attractions!


Holiday homes in Augusta - things to do 

Our holiday homes in August are close to the town's cultural sites and attractions. We highly recommend the archaeological site of Megara Hyblaea, the name of the ancient Greek colony the existed there over 26 centuries ago. We also recommend the Museum of Piazzaforte, built in 1986, which displays all the testimonies of the battles that happened in Augusta from its days as a Greek colony to World War II. Our holiday homes in Augusta are also closely located to the Svevo Castle. It was built in 1229 by King Federic II. The castle has a longhistory, going from a crucial point of defence for the colonies to a military fortress to a solar observatory and eventual prison. 

August is also home to may places of worship. The oldest church in the area is the Church of Santa Maria Annunziata - we recommend visiting that one to be transported back in time! Additionally, you can visit the Duomo of Madre di Santa Maria Assunta, which was built in 1644 in the Baroque style. 

Once you've had your fill of history and architecture, you can enjoy the many quaint and romantic restaurants and bars in the area, or self cater in our villas. Our holiday homes in Augusta are tailored to your self-catering needs!

Explore Syracuse from our holiday homes in Augusta

Our holiday homes in Augusta also offer you and your family quick access to the Syracuse region of Sicily. Close to Augusta, this historical city is a little bit bigger and has many archaeological sites to visit. 


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