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NOVASOL holiday lettings in Sicily provide access to the best nature, activites and cultural experiences that this gemlike island has to offer. Sicily is the most southern island of all of Italy's many islands and it is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, with many opportunities for an Italian self-catering holiday. It is separated from the neighbouring region of Calabria by the Strait of Messina and the coast is about 1,200 km long, including the Aeolian Islands, the Aegadian Islands, the Pelagian Islands, Ustica Island and Pantelleria. It is beautiful with flourishing nature and fabulous beaches with blue sea, all accessible from our holiday rentals in Sicily.

Sicily villas

Things to do in Sicily

Whilst villa holidays in Italy entice with promises of hours spent lounging on stunning beaches, the coast of Sicily also attracts many water sports enthusiasts, who flock for the excellent windsurfing, swimming and scuba diving amongst other thrilling activities. The island's active volcano, Etna (3,340 m), is the largest winter sports centre in the South of Europe. Just below the skiing grounds there are forests and lakes with their tropical flora and orange plantations, providing ample activities in Sicily year-round.. No other tourist region can offer such diversity and color as Sicily, and NOVASOL have some of the finest holiday lettings in Italy can give.

Villas in Sicily


Compelling history on the island

Sicily presents itself as the island of nature, culture and art, and traces of the island’s turbulent past can be found in many places. Self-catering in Sicily is a great way to immerse yourself in the rich local culture and narrative of the island's past. The famous city Syracuse on the east coast, formerly a Greek colony, invites you to visit its amazing archaeological treasures on your summer holidays. Meanwhile those wanting to travel in time can also visit the ancient Greek temples in Selinunte and Syracuse, Agrigent and Imera, the Greek-Roman theatre in Taormina, or the many Norman churches in Palermo. You can even rent Italian villas on the mainland and drive down from Calabria to explore the unique historical monuments here.

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Italian villas in Menfi

Menfi has numerous ancient remainings that can be marvelled at on your Italian villa holidays. Amongst these revered attractions are a tower – remains of a medieval castle built by Frederick II of Hohenstafen, a Mother Church built in the 18th century and the Church of St Joseph, which is also beautifully built. Remains of an Iron Age prehistoric settlement have also been found outside the town during the 1980s. NOVASOL holiday lettings in Italy are located close to these well-preserved sites and artefacts, so no matter which Italian villa you choose, you can rest assured that you will always be close to the major attractions.

Sicily villas

Italian villas in Syracuse

The city of Syracuse is located on the eastern cost of Sicily and was once one of the most important ancient Greek colonies, making it a hotspot for history enthusiasts. Some of the beautiful archeological remnants of those times have stayed untouched until today, which are always a recommendation whilst renting villas in Sicliy. The 'Ear of Dionysus' is a cave over 60 m long and is also worth a visit. Due to its outstanding acoustics, it was once used by tyrants to eavesdrop on their captured enemies. There are several wonderful villas in Italy in Syracuse, so you won’t have a problem visiting these sites.


What to eat on holiday in Sicily

An unmistakably proud part of Sicilian culture is the delicious cuisine, that can be found from farm to fork and market to trattoria on your villa holidays. Food lovers should go on a culinary trip across the island and discover the full range of unctuous pasta dishes, flavourful barbecue and unique Sicilian specialties on offer. In Palermo, one has to taste Cannoli (tube-shaped pasta shells filled with ricotta cheese and spinach), Cassata (pound cake with ricotta cheese and candied fruit) and Granita (crushed ice with coffee, almond syrup or fruit). The region surrounding Menfi (Western part) is famous for its wines. An advantage of self-catering villas in Italy is also being able to adapt these recipes in your very own kitchen!

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Family holidays in Sicily

Rent holiday lettings in Sicily with your family and find plenty of exciting activities for a full range of ages. Visit the iconic landmark of Mount Etna and visit the adventure park there or take a cable car ride up the volcano, or Taormina. Keep it relaxed and visit the range of family-friendly beaches in Sicily accessible from your holiday rentals, or get young minds going with historical reenactments in castles, catacombs and ancient Greek theatres. Spend every day on countless adventures around the island, or simply relax at your Italian villas with swimming pools and make use of your own space to swim, dine, and enjoy each other's company.

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Service - Why NOVASOL?

Rent one of our many self-catering holiday villas or apartments and enjoy everything Sicily has to offer. NOVASOL has a full range of gorgeous holiday villas and self-catering apartments In Italy both on the north coast and the west coast on Sicily by Palermo and Agrigento, as well as a further range of villas in Italy. Mild climate, luxurious sun and hospitality of local people make Sicily an ultimate paradise to stay in for both winter and summer holidays. Luckily NOVASOL rent holiday lettings in Italy for every season and booking is right at your fingertips with our online system and dedicated call centre.

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