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Trieste Villas and Apartments 

As the capital of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, the city of Trieste has a rich history. During a walk through the city on your Italian villa holidays, you will see buildings from the Austrian empire in an apartment Friuli. Trieste was part of the Austrian Empire between 1382 and 1918 and was an important port in the Mediterranean. After the end of the monarchy Trieste also belonged to Yugoslavia for several years before 1962, when it became capital of the autonomous region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Only in 1975 was the affiliation of Trieste to Italy confirmed.

Must-see attractions from your villas in Italy

Start your tour through Trieste from your unique cottages in the official place marking the Unification of Italy - the Piazza d'Italia dell'Unita. This is the main square and the centre of the city, which is surrounded by a number of impressive palaces: Palazzo del Municipio, Palazzo del Lloyd Triestino, Palazzo Modello, Palazzo Pitteri, Hotel Duchi d'Aosta, Casa Stratti and Palazzo del Governo. There is also the medieval Castello di San Giusto, the Arms Museum and the San Giusto Cathedral with its 5th century mosaic flooring. From San Giusto and perhaps your Italy villas with pools you can enjoy amazing views of Trieste, the port and the karst mountains.

Culture and cuisine on Italian villa holidays in Trieste

The well-renowned Teatro Verdi is one of the most visited theatres in Italy, which you can find near the Piazza d'Italia dell'Unita during your stay at our holiday lettings in Friuli, Italy. Watch a fantastic play here, or stroll down the Borgo Teresiano along the Grand Canal to the Church of Sant Antonio Nuovo, where you can admire the beautiful architecture. Also unmissable is the farmer’s market at Ponte Rosso where you can purchase fresh, quality goods from the surrounding farmers in Friuli to take back to your dog friendly cottages, apartments or villas in Italy. Otherwise enjoy a rich cuisine with a real mixture of influences – from traditional Italian trattorias to Slovenian, Serbian, Greek and Jewish restaurants.

Italy villas by Miramare Castle

The Miramare Castle is a piece of Austrian history located on a promontory near Grignano (about 5 km from Trieste) and offers a wonderful view of the Adriatic Sea. Surrounded is the Castle by a magnificent green park you can roam through during your stay at holiday villas in Italy. Even today, the interior of the castle with its original furniture and all inventory is left over from the time of the Archduke Maximilian which was used by his brother Emperor Franz Joseph I as commander of the Navy in the 19th century.