Discover lively Naples with a holiday home in Italy! When you choose to spend your next self-catering holiday in one of our hand-picked range of holiday homes in Naples you will have the chance to explore the fascinating museums, go shopping and enjoy the famous pizza. Naples is considered the third largest city in Italy and is located in the Campania region in western Italy. Historically, Naples was a cultural centre, and even today the city has plenty of rich cultural experiences for you to enjoy whilst staying in one of our holiday homes in Italy. Naples is also known as the birthplace of pizza and should you book a holiday apartment in Campania, you should not miss the Pizza Festival, which takes place every year in early September.

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Experience the Italian culture from your holiday home in Naples

If you choose to spend your next holiday in one of our range of villas and apartments to rent in Campania, you will have the opportunity to see and do a lot. By booking a holiday apartment in Naples you get the opportunity to see the Italian equivalent to the French Palace of Versailles, the Palazzo Reale. Palazzo Reale has 1200 rooms, a theatre, a museum and a magnificent baroque garden with beautiful sculptures, waterfalls and fountains. The palace has been used as a backdrop for several film shots, including some of the Star Wars films, as well as Dan Brown's Illuminati. In addition to the Royal Palace, we recommend a trip to the mighty Castello Nuovo fortress, a visit to the Museo di Capodimonte and catching a performance at the Teatro di San Carlo if you are in search of a little Italian culture. Naples is also a heaven for shopping enthusiasts. If you are travelling with children to Italy then why not spend a day at the Zoo of Naples or take a trip to the amusement park Edenlandia.  

An easy way to rent a holiday apartment in Campania

Do you want to see the Palazzo Reale? Or sample the most authentic pizza in the world? Then why not rent your holiday villas or apartments in Italy in Naples with NOVASOL? We are proud to offer a great selection of holiday homes close to Naples that you can book either online or by phone. There are many benefits to choosing self-catering holiday homes, just one of which is the sense of freedom flexibility that comes with this type of holiday. It's easy and safe to book holiday apartments in Italy with NOVASOL, all our holiday homes in Naples and the surrounding area are quality assured and controlled by our staff. If you rent a holiday apartment in Campania, this also includes a security package with travel cancellation insurance.