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There are plenty of activities to partake in during your holiday in Southern Italy. If you are renting holiday lettings Italy with your children, be certain to visit Capo Rizzuto! At the heel of Italy’s imaginary boot, Capo Rizzuto extends from Crotone in the Northeast over Capo Colonna until after Praialonga with a stunning beach length of 42 kilometres. This area is the largest marine reserve in Italy, with the full name, Area Marina Protetta Capo Rizzuto. There are not just amazing beaches to discover here whilst on your family holidays, but incredible marine life and environmentally friendly activities. Try diving, snorkelling, or swimming and see nature’s beauty unfold.

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The nature reserve has existed since 1991, covering an area of 15,000 hectares! Rent holiday lettings Italy and be amazed at what you will find. Southern Italy has many exciting nature experiences to offer on your holidays renting villas or apartments in Italy. The most valuable area has been protected - from the bays and the underwater areas to the rocky coastal area with its archaeological heritage. The underwater world is also marked by shoals of exotic fish and a labyrinth of caves and passageways, which provide numerous marine creatures the perfect habitat. A fun game for families is to see which species you can find and then tally them up at your apartments in Italy.

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Protection zones

In the general protection zones B and C swimming is permitted and it you can also explore beneath the surface under the supervision of registered diving centres. Keen divers renting villas Italy should definitely explore this amazing underwater paradise! As long as there is approval from the park administration, sailing, rowing and motor boats with a maximum speed of 5 knots are welcome. You can even anchor your boats and go fishing in designated areas - a special experience during a holiday in Italy with children!

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Have a go on the ‘Ogigia’

Particularly exciting on holidays with children in villas Italy are trips with a glass bottom boat and the underwater excursion boat Ogigia. Especially in the submarine-like substructure of the Ogigia, which opens up the great underwater world for your little ones in a very special way. Ogigia takes off in the summer from the port Darsena di Le Castella or the Castello Aragonese di Le Castella, where the glass-bottomed boats also leave. This is a great one to remember if you want to explore the underwater world of colourful fish. Whilst equally recommended for nature experiences are villas in Sicily and villas in Sardinia.