Discover Iceland - self-catering accommodation

We know that Iceland is home to some unique and beautiful natural scenery and is increasingly carving out a name for itself as the ideal destination for adventurous holiday makers for their self-catering holidays in Europe. This fascinating island in North Atlantic, just south of the Arctic can be reached with just a three-hour flight from the UK. The country may be isolated but it still possesses a rich history and culture, which you will have the opportunity to explore within reach of your chosen holiday accommodation in Iceland or Iceland apartments.

Self-catering Iceland – holiday homes

Year after year, Iceland draws more visitors to its shores; drawn by the promise of >discovering something new and unwinding in pristine natural areas. However, you will soon find during your self-catering Iceland holidays that there is plenty to do and see in Iceland and that there is a wide variety of cultural and historical treasures waiting for you to discover. Our Iceland accommodation will provide you with a great base from which to experience the Icelandic culture and cuisine to the fullest during your stay

History of Iceland – Iceland accommodation

The history of Iceland is normally dated back to around 874, although this is disputed as archaeological artefacts have been found which suggest the land was settled before this. However, the first period of history which you are likely to come across during your self-catering Iceland holidays would be the fascinating Viking era. The Norwegians originally settled Denmark and established ‘Althing’ – one of the world’s oldest parliaments. At one point in Iceland’s history, from the 1300s to the 1500s, the country was part of the Kalmar Union – a union of all the Nordic countries. When this union was dissolved; Iceland came under Danish rule.

Holiday accommodation in Iceland – History

The country of Iceland, as you will discover during your stay in our Iceland accommodation, has been through some difficult times during its history; during the 18th century the climatic conditions on Iceland were at an all time low and the volcano of Laki erupted, killing around 9000 people. There were fears of an imminent famine as it became harder to feed and sustain the population, perhaps this is why we see such resilience and resourcefulness in the Icelandic culture and cuisine today. See how Iceland overcame these harsh times and eventually flourished during your self-catering Iceland getaway.

Icelandic history – Iceland apartments and cottages

During the 19th century a wave of nationalism was sweeping through Europe, and Iceland was no exception. Discover the beginnings of modern Iceland with a stay in one of our well-equipped and completely comfortable holiday Iceland accommodation options; which ranges from cottages and cabins through to Iceland apartments. Slowly, whilst still a part of the Danish Monarchy, Iceland grew and was recognised as a sovereign state following WWI in 1918, when the country finally held its own official flag. It is now that Iceland began to develop into the happy and healthy nation that we know today.

Explore the country’s exciting capital of Reykjavik

Iceland's capital city of Reykjavik is a vibrant and modern city where there are many exciting experiences and attractions in wait. Year round self-catering Iceland there are several music festivals, with both Icelandic and major international artists. In the city you will also find several wellness attractions where you can relax in the warm water and get different treatments. Many of the sites are also suitable if you are a family with children, with play areas where kids can enjoy themselves while the adults enjoy a quiet moment.

Self-catering Iceland – Why NOVASOL?

Wherever in Iceland you find yourself renting one of our hand-picked holiday homes you will be greeted by a friendly population that likes to share the island's fascinating history, give insights into the fascinating Icelandic culture and encourage their visitors to sample the cuisine of Iceland and see the many sights! Stay in one of our self-catering holiday homes in Iceland and you can be sure that you will be getting a true and authentic experience of this wonderful and special European destination.