Danish holiday homes in Vrist Strand, Northern Jutland


Vrist Strand is situated in a lovely area, which might just have been made for those who like spending their holidays in holiday cottages in Denmark. Call NOVASOL today to be certain to get a holiday cottage near Vrist Strand.

Vrist Strand lies on the western coast of North Jutland close to Limfjorden. The holiday cottage area is in slightly hilly country, where the cottages are sheltered from wind and weather as well as curious looks. All our cottages are located comfortably close to the water, so that neither the morning dip nor the midday swim will demand too much from your leg muscles.

We have holiday cottages in Vrist Strand for everyone who loves water, beach, nature and holiday activities. The region is known for its excellent beaches and shopping possibilities, and with holiday villas from NOVASOL you won’t get anything better anywhere in Denmark.

Vrist Strand is not situated near the North Sea without reason. The fishermen still pull in their nets just as they have done for centuries, and this is reflected in the excellent restaurants to be found here. If you are interested in history you will certainly consider Thyboron Fortress worth a visit. This is the biggest fortification left behind by the Germans after World War Two.

Throughout the years, Novasol has supplied holiday homes to thousands of Danes in this area to the great delight of our guests. Everyone agrees that this is a rare pearl which you return to again and again once you have been there for the first time.