Stadil Fjord, West Jutland

Stadil Fjord is one of the largest areas for migratory birds in Denmark. With holiday cottages from Novasol you can see nature’s big bird show for yourself from the first stall by Stadil Fjord.The birds are the biggest draw of Stadil Fjord on the western coast of Northern Jutland. In spring and autumn thousands of ducks and geese pass by the beds of reeds near the fjord on their way southwards or northwards. And in summer you can see the beautiful marsh harrier or hear the scarce bittern.

If you are seeking natural experiences in Denmark, one of our holiday cottages near Stadil Fjord will be just right for you. NOVASOL has holiday cottages and holiday villas close to the beach and a short distance from the countryside, including shopping possibilities. All in all, the perfect place for the whole family.

The area around Stadil Fjord near the North Sea is one of the best examples of open landscape near the western coast of Northern Jutland. The flat ground was formed during the Ice Age when the ice melted and deposited large amounts of sand in the western part of Jutland. The traces of this fantastic formation of landscape are still very clear for those who know what to look for.

The area is perfect for going on long bike trips. The whole family can keep up on the flat landscape that only presents a few demanding challenges, but in return is so much more conducive to the enjoyment of the countryside. We have holiday homes that provide the perfect point of departure for these bike trips.