Danish villas in Slettenstrand, West Jutland

Slettenstrand has some of the most beautiful countryside in Denmark. The wide beaches have given Slettenstrand its name, and with holiday cottages by NOVASOL you too can enjoy this lovely place.

Slettestrand is quite an unusual little fishing village as it is still functioning. Near the old rescue station you can still see the fishermen pull their boats up onto land when the fish are landed. You can also go shopping or take an inspirational trip in the fascinating countryside where many artists have settled down.

Denmark has many beautiful places. Nevertheless, it has to be said that Slettestrand ranks high on the list of attractive places in this country. Now NOVASOL gives you the possibility of spending a holiday in one of the lovely holiday cottages, or one of the well-fitted out holiday villas in the area.

The area around Slettestrand is characterised by the varied countryside with dunes, seaside, plantations and open spaces. In the town you find many excellent possibilities for shopping with only a short distance to exciting activities for the children.

Close to the town you have the scenic Gotrup Fishing Park, which has optimised the chances of a catch to the great delight of the children. You should not deny yourself a visit to Gronne Strand, the only preserved windmill in the country which is covered in heather on all sides.